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Things To Do in Katy: Fun Experiences and Activities For Your Family

Katy, Texas is a city located in the Greater Houston metropolitan area. The city was founded in 1872 and named after Katy, a Native American woman who helped open the way for Anglo-American settlement in Fort Bend County. While there are many things to do in Katy, including shopping, dining, and outdoor activities, it also serves as an excellent tourist destination. 

Additionally, the city is well-known for presenting theatre productions in the open air as well as holding concerts. Go for a walk in the park, have a shopping spree, take in a movie beneath the stars, and so on. Is Katy on your travel itinerary? Take a look at this list of fun things to do in Katy, Texas.

The Museum of the MKT Railway

The City of Katy Railroad Depot & Park is a suitable and noteworthy stop on the route. In 1894, the Katy Railroad, a subsidiary of the Missouri and Texas Railroad Company, was operating in the area. At one point in time, steam engines traveling from New York City to Houston had to stop in the city for water. The depot served as a transportation and passenger service hub until 1957.

The Museum of the MKT Railway

In addition to serving as the Katy Heritage Society Railroad Museum, the Katy Visitor Center is a great site to begin your exploration of the city. Many historic antiques are preserved at the museum, which depicts how Katy’s deport worked as a stop on the railroad.

As a reminder of Katy’s rich railroad heritage, the MKT caboose sits proudly in front of the city’s historic train station.

Have Fun at the Mary Jo Peckham Park

Our selection of fun activities in Katy, TX includes Jo Peckham Park, which has an idyllic lake as well as a miniature golf course and playground as well as a forest, pond, and walking paths. It also has a pool and gym as well as a picnic area with grills.

Trails wind across the park’s lovely landscape as visitors hike through its breathtaking scenery. While taking in the breathtaking views of the lake, you may feed the ducks and geese that live there.

the Mary Jo Peckham Park

Enjoy a round of golf while taking in the scenery, which includes a pond filled with colorful fish. Anglers from all over the globe come to fish in the lake. Programs and lessons are offered at the indoor swimming pool.

The lake is a great place to cool down in the summer, but if you prefer to work out inside, the fitness center has a wide range of options for you, such as yoga, water aerobics, and karate. The park is a great spot to get some exercise, take in the scenery, and spend quality time with loved ones, friends, or a significant other.

Visit the Times Square Entertainment

A family-run enterprise, Times Square Entertainment was founded in 2005. This venue has staged more than 29,000 concerts and has been committed to offering high-quality entertainment to the neighborhood and beyond for over 30 years. They also feature a bowling alley, a laser gag, an arcade game, and a pool table. Birthday parties, business gatherings, and other group gatherings may also be held here.

times square entertainment

You won’t have to worry about going broke since everything in this area is reasonable and suitable for your family’s budget. Bowling lanes with automated bumpers for children who need them are available at this location. bumpers keep bowling balls out of your gutter and put a grin on your face when you hit them.

Take a trip back in Time at the Katy Heritage Park

An ancient post office and a lot, from Humble Oil Recycling Plant, formerly known as the Katy Gas Field, which is still in use, are just two of the many historic structures housed in this “village-like” setting for visitors to explore at Katy Heritage Park.

Katy Heritage Park

As a railroad town in the 1800s, the historic settlement may be seen in its original shape. For a glimpse into Katy’s early years, this is a great spot to take the whole family. As well as chairs and picnic tables, there is an area of parkland around the buildings where you may relax.

The Katy Heritage Society purchased and renovated the buildings in the Heritage Park. It’s possible to learn about the town’s role in the railroad and oil sectors thanks to the Heritage Park and the city’s restored structures.

Visits to the Heritage Park are free, and guided tours are also available. Events centered on the local history and culture are held regularly here throughout the year.

Katy Veterans Memorial Museum & Park

There is a nearby park where you may spend some hours in Old Katy if you check out the Katy Veterans Memorial Museum beforehand. Exhibitions at the museum depict all conflicts in which the United States was involved.

Veterans Memorial Museum

There are a wide variety of historical items, ranging from WWI costumes to military medals and maps. The museum is open to the public year-round and admission is free. In addition, the museum hosts community activities that are free to attend. If you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, the park next to the museum is an excellent option. There is a lot of room for children to run about and play.

Checkout Katy Mills

Over 175 retailers can be found at the Shop at Katy Mills, which is a well-known retail hub in Katy and is just across the street from Typhoon Texas Waterpark.

katy mills

H&M, Fossil, Guess, Polo Ralph Lauren, Steve Madden, Victoria’s Secret, Vans, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Levi’s, Pink, and Nike are some of the most popular retailers in this neighborhood. ChurroMania, Burger King, Charleys Philly Steak, Rainforest Café, Lou’s Cajun Grill, and many more can be found in this area.

A Disney-themed play area, trampoline, and carousel are also available in the mall’s entertainment section. A broad variety of delicious cuisine is available in the Food Court as well as a variety of intriguing films in the theater.

Explore the Famous Art Museum Cinco Ranch

There is a non-profit art museum in Fort Bend County that was founded in 2020 and is dedicated to promoting modern art from this area.

Famous Art Museum Cinco Ranch

The Art Museum TX serves as an exchange for visual arts of the present and recent past, promotes new directions in art, tries to engage the public, and develops a broader knowledge of contemporary art via educational activities.

An extensive collection of art by a variety of artists is on show in the Museum. The Museum also aims to bring forth the finest in the cultural and social activities of this area. The Art Museum in Katy, Texas, should be on your list of interesting things to do in Katy if you’re an art fanatic.

Have a Great Time at the Typhoon Texas Waterpark

The Typhoon Texas Waterpark is high on our list of must-see attractions in Katy. In addition to multiple water slides, this park has bucket dumps, a labyrinth of lazy rivers and aqua drops as well as cabanas and restaurants as well as splash pads, and bars.

Typhoon Texas Waterpark

Slide down the high-speed slides, float down the lazy river, order your favorite drink, enjoy the wave pool, enjoy the sun, and eat some delicious food. All year long, a variety of activities, including concerts, are held. This is the ideal location for a fun-filled day with loved ones and friends to distract you from the stresses of everyday life.

Have Fun at the Paul D Rushing Park

Paul D Rushing Park is one of the numerous attractions in Katy, Texas. There is a lake that is interwoven with wetlands, as well as picnic spots, walking routes, a dog park, baseball fields, bird observation places, and softball grounds, all of which make up the Park.

Paul D Rushing Park

Visitors may take a stroll down the boardwalk and take in the stunning views of the marshes and lakes that dot the area. This is a great spot to watch a sunset that you won’t soon forget. The photo is very stunning. The tranquility of the park makes it a great place to do some exercise.

One may find Hawks, Pipits, Eagles, and Waterfowl in the park along with many other species of birds. You’ll want to check out other animal attractions as well. The park is a popular site for bicycling, fishing, animal watching, photography, and a host of other activities.

Altitude Trampoline Park

The Altitude Trampoline Park in Katy, Texas, is a national leader in trampoline parks. At the Park, you’ll find a variety of activities for all ages including battle beams and high-flying frozen trapezes, basketball dunking and foam out, games, a foam pit, and a high-performance super trampoline arena.

Altitude Trampoline Park

Friends and families will have a blast at the park because of the variety of things to do and the opportunity to burn off some energy.

Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a birthday party, or a business outing, the Altitude Trampoline Park should be at the top of your list of things to do in Katy.

Enjoy a Nice Timeout at Meadowbrook Farms Golf Club

Many trees, pristine sand, well-kept greens, and sod-wall bunkers characterize the Meadowbrook Farms Golf Course, which may be played at distances ranging from 5,001 to 7,100 yards. Forested hardwoods, lakes, and streams dot the terrain on this par-72 golf course. Wildflowers and prairie plants are also found here.

Meadowbrook Farms Golf Club

The GN-1 tees, generally created by the Greg Norman Turf Company, can be found throughout the property. With its demanding and enjoyable layout, golfers of all abilities will have a great time here, whether amateur or professional.

Enjoy Movies under the stars at Central Green

The Central Green at LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch in Katy, Texas, is one of the numerous activities to do in the area. Despite its tiny size, the park has a stage for performances, a large number of trees, and lovely grass.

Central Green

Festivals such as art exhibits, yoga and dance workshops, outdoor movie screenings, author book readings, and tai chi classes may all be found at the park each year.

You and your family may have a peaceful picnic beneath the stars while watching a movie. It’s also possible to attend a lesson in laughing yoga, listen to some nice music, or study art. This is a great spot to take in the city’s rich cultural history. There are a plethora of businesses and eateries within walking distance of the park that you will enjoy discovering.

Survey the Katy VFW Museum

The Katy VFW Museum honors the noble sacrifices of American troops. In the museum’s archives, you’ll find a comprehensive history of the various conflicts the United States has participated in.

VFW Museum

Historic relics and medals, including field telephones, flags, models of aircraft, and Morse code equipment are just some of the items in the collection.

Some of the items on display date all the way back to World War 1. As one of the most popular attractions in Katy, TX, this museum was founded in 1996 and has since attracted visitors from all over the globe.

Katy City Park offers outdoor activities

Visiting Katy City Park in Katy, Texas, is one of the greatest ways to have a perfect vacation with friends and family. There are many enjoyable activities to keep you energized during your stay.

Katy City Park

The park has softball grounds, soccer fields, a playground, picnic spots, tennis courts, baseball fields, and more. The Katy Playstation is a large playground for children of various ages. Enjoy your every visit to the Park as you participate in a variety of supplementary activities. You may also have a picnic with family and friends.

Go for Wine Tasting at the ErmaRose Winery

This vineyard in Katy, Texas, is known for its fruit wines and is a state-of-the-the-art winery. The vineyard has a wide variety of wine tastes to choose from, including blueberry, banana, peach, and many more. We are a family-owned business that has been in operation since 2014.

Wine Tasting at the ErmaRose Winery

For those who want a taste of the myriad tastes and procedures that go into crafting these delectable wines, wine tasting is a great option. Check out the BBQ food truck and the live music performances while you’re there.

Like Katy, other Texas cities have wine-tasting centers too. Check out Killeen, TX for enjoyable things to do for you and your family.


Katy, TX is the ideal location for a road trip with loved ones and friends, since there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained throughout your time there.

Plan your trip to Katy, prepare a list of locations you want to see, and then determine whether or not you’ll see everything on this itinerary while you’re there.

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