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Things To Do in Abilene, TX: Stuff You Can Try When Visiting The City

If you’re looking for a fun-filled getaway that the whole family can enjoy, look no further than Abilene. This vibrant city has something for everyone, from exciting attractions and outdoor adventures to delicious restaurants and charming shopping districts. 

Despite the fact that Abilene is a relatively small city with an average population of 125,000, it is home to a wide variety of intriguing attractions such as historic landmarks, mysteries of the Wild West, and locations where characters from famous children’s books may be found, and more. 

Ready to explore? Then let’s get started with our guide to the best things to do in Abilene.

Explore Frontier Texas

Frontier Texas is a unique historical museum with exhibits on the American West. It was inaugurated in 2004 and serves as the city’s official tourist information center.

Frontier Texas

Visit Frontier Texas, one of Abilene’s most famous tourist sites, to get your trip off to a great start. It’s a great place to learn about life in the Old West as you peruse its many exhibits. There’s a movie theater, a gift store, and a variety of educational activities to enjoy here. Explore this museum’s many intriguing exhibits to go back in time to the Wild West.

Look through its galleries to discover more about firearms used in the frontier era as well as early settlements and cowboys as well as Native American cultures. Immersive short films that transport you inside a bar, in the thick of a stampede, or even on the frontlines of an Indian onslaught may be seen at the cinema.

Visit the Grace Memorial Museum

The Grace Museum in Abilene was erected in 1937 by the Art League of the Abilene Woman’s Club to display the pride in the many magnificent works of art and antiquities from Abilene, Taylor County, and the West Texas region.

There are few museums in the country that can match Abilene’s Grace Museum for sheer non-boredom and excitement. The museum’s five art halls include alternating exhibitions and artifacts from throughout the world.

grace memorial museum

That’s pretty awesome, right? The library is a rare and exotic location because of its extensive collection of art and literature. It’s the ideal site in Abilene to photograph the exhibitions and yourself in a beautiful setting.

It’s also a great destination for families with young children, thanks to the museum’s extensive collection of cartoons and caricatures. For art and aesthetics fans, this site is a must-visit, and the abstract paintings are stunning.

Experience the Abilene Zoo’s Depths on a Safari Ride

The Abilene Zoo Park is home to about 600 different types of animals from all over the world, representing hundreds of different flora and fauna species. A safari trip around the zoo is an essential part of your vacation here.

The safari trip will take you deep into the forest and provide you the opportunity to see animals in their natural environment.

Abilene Zoo texas

This site offers something for everyone, from the tiniest of animals like the talking parrot to the largest of creatures like elephants and giraffes. You must bring your children here to learn about the wonders of nature.

A tropical aviary, wetland boardwalk, and adventure center complex are all fantastic sites to visit while you’re in the neighborhood.

Relax in Lake Abilene in Texas’s Summer Heat

This picturesque lake and park is a great place to have a picnic or go fishing. There is plenty of fish at Lake Abilene, as well as a large space for relaxing with friends, family, or on your own. Walking near the lake in the early morning and seeing the newly cut grass swaying in the gentle air is an experience in itself.

Lake Abilene

Depending on your preferences and company, you may enjoy a BBQ during the day and camp out at night. It’s a nice area to kick back and enjoy the scenery or go tubing. If you’re looking to cool down from the Texas heat in a refreshing body of water, this lake comes highly recommended.

Visit the Creation Emporium at the Discovery Center

As a creation museum/emporium, the Discovery Center’s primary goal is to provide historical and scientific evidence for the accuracy of God’s word and its connection to issues of origins and evolution.

Creation Emporium at the Discovery Center

It also tries to expose the evolution myth as anti-scientific and theistic. Through a variety of various tours, lessons, workshops, teaching seminars, and sponsorships of special events, the organization hopes to accomplish this goal.

A daily radio show, ‘A Discovery Minute,’ is launched by the Discovery Center. In addition, Tommy and Carolyn Walden’s gospel-preaching ministry, Overflow Ministries, has its physical headquarters here.

Observe Lake Kirby’s Purple Sunset

One of Abilene’s most stunning reservoirs is a man-made lake in the city’s south. Lake Kirby’s sunrises and sunsets are a sight to see, as the sky is bathed in purple colors. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view these breathtaking sights.

Lake Kirby

This is the perfect area to go fishing or just relax with your significant other. You can also go boating, swimming, or just watch the sunsets or the stars.

It’s also a fantastic place to take photos and go on a walkabout. In need of a refreshing breath of nature? Then Lake Kirby is the place for you, and you should definitely take advantage of the chance to visit.

Visit Arthur Sears Park for a Picnic

In the center of the bustling metropolis, Arthur Sears Park is the perfect spot to take a break from the hustle and bustle. This park is a great area to just sit back and enjoy the scenery since it is surrounded by beautiful greenery.

arthur sears park abilene tx

You may lounge on the park benches, relax by the lake, or take a stroll along one of the park’s walking trails. You may also bring your kids and participate in a variety of activities. At the medium-sized park are a basketball court, baseball field, volleyball court, a picnic area, and a splash pad.

Are you a park-lover? Other cities in Texas have great parks too! Visit Victoria, TX and enjoy the many things you can do there as well.

Attend a Monster Truck Show at the Taylor County Expo Center

The Expo Center of Taylor County, originally known as the Taylor County Coliseum, is a large multi-purpose indoor arena in Abilene, Texas. The Abilene Aviators of the Western Professional Hockey League played their home games at the Expo Center, which was completed in 1973.

Monster Truck Show at the Taylor County Expo Center

Other notable past events include several concerts and sports competitions held at the stadium. The Abilene Warriors, an American Indoor Football expansion club, have been playing their games here since 2016 after moving here in 2015.

Monster truck shows, moto extreme circuses, and rodeos are just some of the events you may enjoy at the Taylor County Expo. There are now more dressing rooms for performers and TV monitors in the concession area. The best part is the vast array of modern, spacious, and well-maintained facilities.

Walk the Fort Grounds at the Fort Phantom Hill

Fort Phantom Hill should be on the bucket list of every intrepid explorer who enjoys exploring ancient ruins. In 1851, the fort was built to defend local people from the expansion of the western boundary. The 38-acre facility is free and available to the public for self-guided tours.

Fort Phantom Hill abilene tx

Make your way around the fort’s perimeter to observe what remains of the buildings that once stood here. After the U.S. Army departed the site in 1854, a fire destroyed most of what remained. The pavilion at the parking lot has a booklet with diagrams of each of the remains on the site, including the commanding officers’ quarters, the guardhouse, and other buildings.

Located in West Central Texas, Fort Phantom Hill is a component of the 650-mile long Texas Forts Trail.

Visit the 12th Armoured Division Memorial Museum and Travel Back in Time

The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum’s exhibitions and history are hidden from view from the street level. However, even though the museum’s major emphasis is on the 12th Armored Division and a nearly six-month period of fighting, it includes many other artifacts from World War 2.

12th Armoured Division Memorial Museum

Exhibits are spread over three levels of the veteran-owned museum, which also includes a military vehicle display area outdoors, including a Sherman tank. The 12th Armored Division’s liberation of Landsburg concentration camp is depicted in a Holocaust chamber at the museum.

A POW room and displays on medical and communication technologies can be found on the second level, which also has a POW room. These dioramas depict the 12th Armored Division’s greatest battles, with scenes that are retold by veterans, in one of the most popular areas of the museum.

Take Pleasure in Nature at Grover Nelson Park

Abilene is dotted with beautiful parks, with Grover Nelson Park being one of the largest. The nicest aspect of this camp is that it is an all-inclusive location with several amenities.

grover nelson park

A zoo, flower-filled gardens, and a tiny pond provide relief from the Texas heat near the park.  You may touch the animals, give them food, feed the birds, go for a quick stroll, and engage in any other activity you can think of. This park is ideal for lunch dates, and children’s play dates.

Observe the Massive Bull Skull

Abilene’s pioneers left a giant pachyderm skull on top of a patch of grass next to an old cattle track. Sculptor Joe Barrington crafted the enormous bull skull in his hometown.

Big Bull Skull

It was his father, who worked in a welding shop, who first introduced Barrington to the world of working with raw materials. If you compare it to the other carved skulls the artist sculpted nearby, this one isn’t very large.

However, it serves as a proud reminder of the many hardy individuals who lived in Abilene throughout the years and contributed to the development of the city’s culture. This sculpture is located south of Business US-20, at the intersection of Palm Street and 1st Street.

Try Your Hand at Mini-Golf at Play Fair

There are two miniature golf courses at this park for kids at very reasonable pricing, making it a must-see for families with young children.

Mini-Golf at Play Fair

It also hosts concerts and themed movie evenings, and weekends are packed with live music for your enjoyment. Just being here, on this antique golf course, transports you back in time. This park is a must-see if you’re ever in Abilene since it will transport you back in time.

Rent a Kayak from Sup Abilene Lake Fort Phantom to Have a Great Outdoor Experience

This is a firm founded by Amy Herndon that gives one of the greatest outdoor experiences. In a safe location, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are awe-inspiring and fun-filled.

A sandy beach with volleyball, horseshoes, and a gazebo for shelter is provided by the firm, which hires kayaks and SUPs. Views of both dawn and sunset may be had at the location.

Sup Abilene Lake Fort Phantom

It is also available for hourly or daily rentals. It can book your next birthday, graduation, family reunion, or team-building event. You are welcome to check out their website or give them a call for more information and photos.

SUP courses and workshops, as well as water-based excursions on Lake Fort Phantom conducted by expert SUP instructors and guides, are just some of the activities offered at the facility. On a sunny day on the lake, you may also hire stand-up paddleboards.

Check out Jacob’s Dream Sculpture

Abilene Christian University’s Jacob’s Dream Sculpture is an attraction imbued with spiritual significance and good energy.

The biblical sculpture of Jacob’s ladder is very illustrative, and the rocks around it are skillfully constructed to complement its focal point. It is one of the most lovely locations to sit and commune with the Holy Spirit.

Jacob's Dream Sculpture

The campus is well-kept, tidy, and sanitary. The garden is filled with vibrant flowers, and the sculptures are both visually and emotionally appealing.

If you are interested in reconnecting with yourself via the beauty of nature, spirituality, good energy, or even something as basic as meditation, this location is the most recommended.

Have a Wonderful Time at Adventure Cove

Are you seeking a place to take the entire family to have a good time? This Abilene, Texas, the water park offers some of the most terrifying slides and attractions anywhere.

Adventure Cove

For thrill-seekers, the Adventure Cove is the best spot to fulfill all of their reckless desires because of the abundance of lifeguards on duty.

Here, the lazy river is the star attraction; it’s ideal for families with young children, but you can also unwind here on your own. Relax, cool down, and actually spend time with friends and family at one of the nicest spots in the city.


A vacation to Texas is a great excuse to get away from it all. In Abilene, you’ll find a plethora of museums, zoos, art galleries, botanical gardens, and other activities to keep you entertained and enthralled.

Make a list of exciting things to do in each place before deciding on a trip schedule. In addition to learning new things, you may also have a great time while doing so.

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