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Things To Do in Summerville, SC: Fun Places and Activities For Your Family

For travelers who are into the cozy, small-town vibe, the town of Summerville in South Carolina is a must-see. This charming location is famous for its delicious cuisine, outdoor attractions, and historical spots. To help you navigate the local area, here are some suggested places to visit and things to do, from fellow travelers around the world.

1. Dining Experiences

If you are a fan of food and love eating, then the food of Summerville won’t disappoint you. There are a lot of excellent restaurants and cafes that have the most mouth-watering food ever. From the most modern cuisine to the traditional food, you can find everything in Summerville. 

— Scott Killmer, Founder, CarWindshields

Dining Experiences Summerville

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure. It’s a pirate themed dinner experience that takes you through the historical town of Summerville. You start out with some rum punch in front of the famous Cathedral and then are taken through a series of different rooms telling you about the history of the town. 

— Tom Cooper, CEO, Holiday Parrots

Coastal Coffee Roasters, located in downtown Summerville, is a must-visit. The coffee is phenomenal, the food is delicious, and the retail offerings are made by local designers, authors, and food purveyors. I can’t recommend this spot highly enough! 

— Ashley Hay Mitchell, Haystack Media Co.

2. Go Shopping

Even though Summerville is a small town, the amenities here are the same as in the big city. You can find almost all the famous brands and shops to splurge on your money. Here you can enjoy the beautiful historic buildings while shopping, eat food and have fun. 

— Scott Killmer, Founder, CarWindshields

Go Shopping

3. Visit Museums

When it comes to arts and museums, you will find them in Summerville. This is a place that represents theatre history; hence, most museums and sites will give you an insight into the different shows that happened. 

Scott Killmer, Founder, CarWindshields

Historical Society Museum california

4. Go Kayaking on the Edisto River

The Edisto River is a beautiful river located 19 miles from Summerville. Visitors to Summerville engage in numerous recreational activities on this river, such as tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc. Kayaking on this river gives you a spectacular view of the region’s wilderness. Whenever I am in Summerville with friends, we don’t miss kayaking and exploring the Edisto River. If you are visiting Summerville, Edisto River is a must-visit site. 

Maria McDowell, Founder, Easy Search People

Go Kayaking on the Edisto River

5. Historic Summerville Train Depot and Turntable

The Summerville Train Depot and Turntable in Summerville, GA is a famous and historical landmark that has been used for many films such as the HBO film “Warm Springs” and “Ma Ma Flora’s Family”. 

Rick Wong, Editor-in-Chief, Cameras Trends

Historic Summerville Train Depot and Turntable

6. Paradise Garden

Paradise Garden is home to 3 cottages that offer a stylish and cozy environment designed by the famous designer Summer Loftin. 

Rick Wong, Editor-in-Chief, Cameras Trends

Paradise Garden

7. Tour the Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site

It would be sad if you went to a town and came out of there without knowing its history. The Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site is a great historical site for people who love history and generally for everyone. It shows the town’s history before it became what it is now with modernization. It is a history of colonial times. Apart from being a place where you learn history, it is an excellent site for picnics. There are areas where you can sit down with your loved ones and family and enjoy the view as you enjoy your packed meals. 

Gisera Matanda, General Manager, WeLoans

the Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site

Visit the Summerville Dorchester Museum. It is a good place to learn about Summerville history. A guide tour is usually available and there is also a chance to interact with locals and learn more. 

— Ellie Walters, CEO, FindPeopleFaster

Other cities in South Carolina have fun recreation centers and natural scenery too! If you wish to visit more places, see the things you can do in Aiken, SC.

8. Attend the Water Lantern Festival

The water lantern festival is a native Indian and modern Buddhist festival where lamps are lit and floated on water to float away. The purpose of the water lantern festival is to spread hope, love, kindness, peace, and dreams through the connection of the water. It is attended by most people from different cultures nowadays, and there is a real chance of you getting to connect and find some new friends there. It is usually done at night, and this year, it will be done from around 5 pm to 9 pm on the 16th of July at Whittier Narrows Recreation Area. To attend it, you will only have to part with $30 for advance tickets and $50 for tickets at the gate. 

Gisera Matanda, General Manager, WeLoans

the Water Lantern Festival

9. Gahagan Park

Baseball and softball grounds, a playground, picnic spaces, magnificent sculptures, and a football field are just some of the highlights of this famous Summerville park. Throughout the year, numerous sporting events are held here. If you’re looking for an opportunity to catch some baseball or football action while enjoying a wonderful picnic supper, this park is for you. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, and admission is free. 

Ally, Adventures Pursuit

Gahagan Park

10. Azalea Park and Sculpture Garden

It is known for the beautiful flowers, trees, ponds and statues which makes it perfect for a romantic walk or a picnic with family. 

Ellie Walters, CEO, FindPeopleFaster

Azalea Park and Sculpture Garden

Summerville, South Carolina, has a rich colonial history that offers plenty of sites to see. However, it also boasts numerous antiques markets and shops, as well as an impressive local farmer’s market. One of the best places to visit in Summerville is the Azalea Park & ​​Sculpture Garden. It’s a beautifully tranquil park full of bridges and sculptures, with a vast array of flowering plants. Turtle-filled ponds line the walking trails, which are a great bonus for kids or animal-lovers. 

Larry Snider, VP of Operationsm, Casago Vacation Rentals

11. Firefly Distillery

Makers of the world’s first sweet tea vodka, Firefly Distillery is a must-do on a trip to Summerville.

Firefly Distillery is a staple in Charleston tourism and locals alike, and it’s 25,000 square foot facility on 16 acres offers the very best of the lowcountry – cold drinks, old oak trees, and welcoming faces all built next to the lowcountry marsh. From large concerts featuring Walker Hayes or Whiskey Myers, to educational tastings with the distillers themselves, there’s always  something going on  at Firefly Distillery. Family and dog friendly, the distillery has 25+ spirits to sip on, and plenty of space to spread out and spend the afternoon. 

Abby Hibbard, Marketing Strategist, Obviouslee Marketing

Firefly Distillery

Final Thoughts

The small-town charm of Summerville is what makes it well-admired by the people who visit it. But even with its cozy vibe, there are many options for recreation in this area. Overall, it’s a pleasant spot if you want to slow down and unwind from your busy lifestyle.

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