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Things To Do in Medford, Oregon: The Fun and Exciting Experience For Your Family

Medford Oregon is a great place for tourists to visit. There are plenty of things to do in the city, and it is a fun and exciting experience. From site-seeing to enjoying great food, there is something for everyone in Medford. The city is also a great place for tourists to explore, and there are plenty of attractions that will keep them busy. 

You may enjoy all kinds of river-related activities, from swimming to kayaking to canoeing to jet skiing and so much more, when you visit Medford in the state of Oregon!

Nearby mountains, such as Upper and Lower Table Rocks, Roxy Ann Peak, and Siskiyou Mountain, provide great opportunities for hiking and mountain biking as well as spectacular views of the surrounding region.

US Cellular Community Park, The Village at Medford Center, Kid Time Children’s Museum, Craterian Theater, Bear Creek Park, and a slew of other fantastically entertaining destinations can be found in Medford, Oregon.

If you’re looking for a great tourist destination, then be sure to add Medford Oregon to your list. While in Medford, be sure to check out the following attractions and activities.

Participate in Water Sports on the Rogue River

The Rogue River, which flows through Medford, offers a wide variety of water activities. It offers a wide range of activities, from rafting on rapids to fishing in pristine waters. Go kayaking with your party if you hire canoes or kayaks.

In places where the current is calmer, you may relax and catch some fish at your own pace. It’s a big river, thus it’s broken up into three portions. The upper, middle, and lower sections.

the Rogue River

Everyone may participate in sports with the help of the locals in the bottom portion, which is popular with visitors.

In addition, you may go hiking or trekking on the neighboring rocky terrains of the river or the nearby highlands and hills.

Downtown Medford Offers Endless Shopping

Downtown Medford is a popular destination for both residents and visitors. Locals and tourists alike go to Downtown Medford to indulge their shopping desires. To get some antiques and apparel, this is the place to go.

Downtown Medford

Take a stroll around the streets, perusing the numerous stores with wide-eyed wonder. The Coop de Ville here is a nice place to pick up some rustic antiques to bring back to your own house.

In addition, there are a number of businesses specializing in gifts for loved ones, including ones that specialize in souvenirs. On Thursday mornings, the Rogue Valley Growers Market is a terrific location to shop.

Enjoy a Wonderful Book at the JCLS Medford Library

Visit the JCLS Medford Library if you’re a fan of literary works and want to see what else there is to see and do in Medford, Oregon.

Jackson County Library Services operates 15 locations, including the Medford branch, to serve the needs of the county’s 200,000+ residents and visitors by providing access to a wide variety of high-quality literary resources, including traditional books and newspapers, as well as magazines, multimedia, and periodicals.

the JCLS Medford Library

Numerous study rooms, seminars, community meeting rooms, and art exhibitions are just a few of the library’s numerous amenities.

Book lectures, autographs, storytelling, outreach initiatives, courses, and symposiums are just some of the educational activities offered by the JCLS Medford Library. The library serves a wide range of patrons of all ages. You should definitely add this to your Medford bucket list if you’re a fan of the written word.

Visit The Village at Medford Center to Shop

The Village at Medford Mall is a 420,000-square-foot regional retail center in east Medford that is recognized as the biggest and oldest shopping center in Jackson County.

Formerly known as The Medford Center, the complex is home to the biggest movie theater in southern Oregon, Cinemark Tinseltown USA.

The Village at Medford Mall

The Village at Medford Center is centered by Sears and has a number of well-known companies and stores, including Ashley Furniture, Red Robin, , Rite Aid, and Ralph’s.

The center also has a number of restaurants, coffee shops, cafés, and local food trucks that provide a variety of delectable cuisines that have been exquisitely prepared.

On weekends, the facility attracts great musicians who provide a tranquil environment for leisure.

Enjoy Your Time at Bear Creek Park

Bea Creek Park, a recreational park and reserve that is part of the Skunk River Greenbelt, is one of Milford’s most popular outdoor activities.

It contains a BMX track, an outdoor amphitheater, a skate park, hiking and mountain bike paths, and a wide variety of athletic facilities that are open to the public.

Bear Creek Park in Medford Oregon

An outdoor pavilion is also available for a diverse range of community activities, including concerts, to be held at this park.

It’s possible to hunt non-toxic at Bear Creek Park’s 113 acres of parkland throughout the season. Three acres of the park have been designated as a wildlife refuge, and it is home to a variety of tiny animals and birds from throughout the world.

There are no grills in the park or picnic tables, but the park is accessible each and every day and year-round, making it one of Medford’s most popular tourist destinations.

See a Play by the Collaborative Theatre Project on Stage

Visit the Collaborative Theatre Project in Medford Center’s village, one of the many exciting things to do in Medford.

Outstanding theatrical plays, educational activities for people of all genders and ages, and outreach initiatives for the community may be found at the theatre.

Collaborative Theatre Project

For this reason, the Theatre project was developed, a place where exceptional local artists could showcase their theatrical abilities and be fostered by specialists in order to enhance their performance skills and the community’s appreciation of theater.

Performers, artists, musicians, and dancers from the Collaborative Theatre Project put on a live show that’s both entertaining and educational.

As a result, the theater project serves as a venue for a wide range of activities and events, including community-building events and outreach initiatives.

Enjoy Yourself at Medford Railroad Park

This enormous park covers an expansive seven acres! With a variety of miniature train models and cabooses, this location recreates the appearance and operation of railroads of the past.

It is also a family-friendly destination where you will have a wonderful time with your children. Take a train journey with them and create some unforgettable moments.

Medford Railroad Park

Despite the fact that the trains are scaled models, their magnitude is nonetheless huge and genuine. Since the park was developed on the ground formerly occupied by a sewage treatment facility, it is also an excellent example of reusing wastelands.

The pavilion in the heart of Railroad Park accommodates a number of exclusive events and clubs. However, keep in mind that the park is only open on the second and the fourth Sundays of each month.

Like Medford, othet cities in Oregon have great parks too! Check out the things you can do in Salem and enjoy the scenery and nature there as well.

Permit Your Youngsters to Explore the Science Works Hands-On Museum

The Science Works Museum is a hands-on science museum in Ashland, Oregon, not far from Medford. It is geared toward visitors of all ages.

Founded in 2002, the museum serves as a buffer between public scientific education and the controversies and calamities that have plagued it since its inception.

As a non-profit science museum with more than 100 interactive displays, the museum has been a valuable asset to the Rogue Valley community since its establishment.

Our goal at Science Works Hands-On Museum is to foster a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge that will lead to the development of new ideas in science.

the Science Works Hands-On Museum

With its vividly colored, recently refurbished architecture, the museum brings science to life in a way that is both educational and enjoyable.

Dozens of science-minded volunteers helped to transform the building’s exterior.

In addition, Scientific Works Hands-On Museum offers year-round educational science events and themed weekends for visitors of all age groups.

Visit the Organic(Natural) Bridge Loop

There are three natural bridges to cross on the Natural Bridge Loop, a popular two-mile hike in the Upper Rogue region.

This thrilling hike is well-known for the three natural bridges it passes. Among the world’s biggest and most magnificent natural bridges, the Sipapu Bridge is the first bridge this path goes across.

the Organic(Natural) Bridge Loop

Hiking the Natural Bridge Loop is a great way to observe the Sipapu Bridge and other natural beauties along the way.

In terms of size, it is the world’s second-largest naturally occurring bridge and one of the most stunning sights on Earth. As a result, this trek is all the more memorable for it.

Try out some of the Best Restaurants Like the Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub

The Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub in Medford, Oregon, is a fantastic place to eat and drink that has a unique combination of a restaurant and a bar with stunning decor and stunning artwork.

Delicious handmade wood-fired pizza, casual wines, and local craft brews are served at the locally owned restaurant in a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere.

The Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub includes a large dining room with stained glass windows, high oak ceilings, and a well-structured outside terrace with plenty of comfy seats.

the Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub

The menu includes everything from gourmet pizzas with a wide variety of toppings to handmade soups, calzones, and salads, all of which are cooked with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant also features beautifully designed local artwork.

Handcrafted beers, traditional cocktails, and casual wines are offered at the restaurant bar to complement the menu. Every day of the week, lunch and supper are served at Kaleidoscope Pizzeria & Pub.

Checkout Exotic Wine at the Pebblestone Cellars Winery

About 27 acres of land are devoted to the production and sale of exquisitely produced wines by the Pebblestone Cellars family.

The winery, which has been around for more than three decades, uses grapes largely from Ellis Vineyards in the production of a variety of award-winning wines.

the Pebblestone Cellars Winery

Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Syrah, and Tempranillo are among the wines produced by the winery.

The location of Pebblestone Cellars, just southwest of Medford along a historic riverbed, is ideal for winemaking.

The winery is located around 1600 feet above sea level, and its name is derived from the gravelly, well-drained, sandy soils that make up the vineyard and the frequent sunny weather that adds to the distinctive tastes of the winery.

The winery offers a large tasting area with a balcony that overlooks the neighboring valleys, where guests may sample the wine.

Check out the Craterian Theater for a Performance

When it initially opened to the public, the Craterian Theater was one of its types until it was damaged by the Multiplex and Television eras.

Restorative work was completed in 1997, however, after a surge in popularity. Today’s theaters have made a strong comeback and provide a wide range of theatrical genres to choose from.

Craterian Theater

It’s up to you whether you want to watch a children’s program, an opera, or comedy performance. Acoustic concerts and orchestral performances are also held here, which music lovers may enjoy. Attending a performance at this majestic theater is highly recommended.

Visit the DANCIN Vineyards for Affluent Wine Tasting

DANCIN Vineyards, located in the wooded foothills of the Rogue Valley, is yet another stunning Medford, Oregon, vineyard worth paying a visit.

Award-winning wines made by DANCIN Vineyards, a modern vineyard, and tasting facility, may be enjoyed in a relaxing and attractive setting.

DANCIN Vineyards

This magnificent winery offers a wide variety of beverages, including famous Burgundian-style Pinot noirs and Chardonnays, as well as Italian-inspired Zinfandel, Barbera, Sangiovese, and Syrahs.

Additionally to that, the DANCIN Vineyards also provides a selection of delectable dishes cooked with fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers and artisans.

In Medford, Oregon, this is one of the most popular attractions, so stop by for a glass of good wine and the appropriate food to go along with it while overlooking the red valley.


For a family vacation, Medford is an excellent choice, with a variety of activities and attractions for all ages.

The city’s attractions will provide a fun-filled and unforgettable trip for you to enjoy the natural marvels of the city. You can enjoy some of the best hiking, fishing, and rafting in the world in Southern Oregon. It’s a “global wine destination” and so much more, according to Forbes Magazine.

As you begin to plan your vacation to Medford, Oregon, save this page as a handy reference for when you’re putting together your to-do list.

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