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Things To Do in Mansfield, Ohio: Stuff You Can Try When Visiting The City

Breadth of experience is something that Mansfield can give anyone, there’s no doubt about that. This city is the perfect blend of fun activities, beautiful sceneries, Hollywood intrigue, cozy vibes, and excellent dining options. It’s called many names, including “The Heart of Ohio” and “Carousel Capital of Ohio”

Whether you’re on a quick trip or a weekend stay, here are the top things you can do in Mansfield, Ohio.

1. Picnic at South Park

When you’re ready to slow down the pace from soaking up the culture, why not take a breather with a picnic in South Park? You’ll find yourself surrounded by peaceful nature as you truly appreciate your time here. There’s plenty of shade to sit and eat on the grass or a few picnic benches scattered around. When you’re full, walk it off with a stroll around the perimeter before heading to the next activity. The perfect lunchtime plans for a sunny day!

Xanthe Steer, Owner, Places Unpacked 

picnic at south park

2. Snowboarding and Skiing

While visiting Mansfield in the winter, we enjoyed skiing and snowboarding because the area is known for its fresh snow and beautiful foliage. Our imagination was blown by the scenery, which features long valleys covered in new snow. Mansfield offers a wealth of exciting snow activities that I am so glad we did not miss. Snow Field is a well-known ski resort located on Possum Run Road near Mansfield. My wide-ranging airborne perspective of this icy terrain was made possible by the ropeway, which was incredibly beautiful. The area has a calm, mystical atmosphere when colored lights are strung around in the evenings.

Carl Jensen, Founder, Compare Banks 

Snowboarding and Skiing

If you’re traveling in the winter, don’t miss out on the opportunity to go skiing or snowboarding on Mansfield’s famed fresh snow slopes. Long valleys coated in new snow for as far as the eye can see are sure to take your breath away. Mansfield has a plethora of snow-related activities that you should not miss. Possum Run Road leads to Mansfield’s Snow Field, a famous ski resort. The view from the top of the ropeway is breathtaking, and you’ll be able to see a lot of the snowy terrain. With colorful lights strung throughout the landscape at night, the region takes on an unpretentious vibe.

Matthew Bowley, Marketing Manager, Solmar Villas

3. Snow Trail

Snow Trail in Mansfield, Ohio, is the best place to visit and enjoy amazing activities there. It is a resort with a lodge that features snowboarding, winter skiing, and tubing. This resort is run by a family and the food there is amazing. You will find cafes and a variety of restaurants there. The best thing about Snow Trail is glow tubing which is accessible from Thursday to Sunday each and every week. Overall, this place is worth visiting and the activities there are splendid. 

Vikas Chaudhary, Co-founder, Nihal Fashion

Snow Trail

4. The Blueberry Patch

We visited the winery and blueberry vineyard with restaurants and a gift shop on West Hanley Road. We were pleasantly surprised by the cultivated foods and goods on hand. You may get a wide variety of presents, food items, and even blueberry-printed cloth in the gift shop. We dined in a cafe and restaurant serving various delectable foods, including muffins and desserts. Also, the food was gluten-free, perfectly suiting the health conditions of one of my family members. We saw a stunning vineyard filled with vibrant purple blueberries and a winery producing only the most excellent wines that make up The Blueberry Patch. Additionally, live music was performed nearby that uplifted my mood.

Carl Jensen, Founder, Compare Banks 

The Blueberry Patch

5. Golfing

One of my favorite golf courses in Mansfield, Ohio, is ‘The Woods at Possum Run. The Woods at Possum Run golf course offers great golf at one of Richland County, Ohio’s oldest golf courses. The scenic rolling hills are perfect for beginners or experienced golfers.

Chris Myles, CEO, Golf Cart Go 


6. Ohio Bird Sanctuary

The Ohio Bird Sanctuary calls itself a place for “native birds, nature preserve, and [a] living museum.” This sanctuary dedicates itself to Ohio, this area, and its community. They help safeguard the future of native Ohio birds and offer family-friendly education on how the public can protect it too.

Jennifer Jones, Founder, Beginner Guitar HQ

Ohio Bird Sanctuary

This is located on Orweiler road and is open on most days of the week. This is the favorite sanctuary among the age groups of travelers. This sanctuary provides an awesome environment for all those travelers who actually love birds and want to see and feed them. This sanctuary delivers presentations through which you can learn about different resident birds like owls and how they can walk through the hiking trails. They will also help you to know how to feed these birds. Sometimes, these beautiful birds land on your arms when you try to feed them.

Leslie Radka, Founder, GreatPeopleSearch

7. Mansfield Reformatory

If you like creepy, cool, and historical tours, this is worth looking into. You start with a tour of weapons and electric chairs. You can also view memorabilia from the Shawshank Redemption. You get a first-hand viewing of the prison’s chapel and jail, including solitary confinement and the showering areas.

Jennifer Jones, Founder, Beginner Guitar HQ

Mansfield Reformatory

As a former resident of the Mansfield, Ohio area, I used to love visiting the Mansfield Reformatory. This tourist attraction is an old prison that closed in 1990 and has a vast history and an interesting tie to pop culture. The Mansfield Reformatory was featured in Godsmack’s music video ‘Awake’ and the movie The Shawshank Redemption. This prison is quite spooky, with many ominous corners and rooms that are great for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators! The old chapel still has pews and even a podium where inmates would gather together for Sunday service.

Melissa, Moving Expertise

8. Lake Carlos State Park

This park offers a recreational experience unlike any other with pretty views, an ideal location, and perfect quality time to spend with the family. With exciting activities such as sitting on cute benches at the Lakeside Amphitheatre for special program activities, campsites featuring forest views, and picnic table necessities at the Upper Campground, there is so much more! Not only this, if you are looking for relaxing picturesque, fresh views, perfect weather, there is even a swimming beach present with up-to-date facilities like a volleyball court, picnic tables, and parking on site.

Anna Claire, Head of Tour Research, Dubai Adventures

Lake Carlos State Park

9. Alexandria City Park

Another outdoor activity spot is Alexandria City Park, suitable for the best family time experiences. Here you can experience first-hand exposure to the town’s locals, get the perfect outing place to bond with family, or spend a peaceful lone time with fresh air and birds chirping in the background. This is an amazing getaway spot with a lot of outdoor activities and greenery that could help you loosen up from the world’s stresses.

Anna Claire, Head of Tour Research, Dubai Adventures

Are you a park-lover? Other cities in Ohio have great parks too! Visit Findlay, Ohio and enjoy the many things you can do there as well.

Alexandria City Park

10. Little Buckets Children Museum

If you have children, you need to take them to the Little Buckets children’s museum in Downtown Mansfield. It’s a hands-on, super interactive museum that lets kids explore, play, and learn, all at the same time. It’s a wonderful day out for kids, and it’s located in Downtown Mansfield which means you’re still close to a bunch of other amenities when you’re done. 

Jason Dempsey, CEO & Co-Founder, Home & City Living

Little Buckets Children Museum

11. Kingwood Center Gardens

If you are a lover of gardens or aesthetics then this place is made for you. Or we can say if you are a lover of photography, whatever your preference is, this place provides all the fun that you actually want. The Kingwood garden is full of green trees. This property was first used by the king of Charles Kelly and later on, it’s turned into a garden in 1953. This garden includes everything like an herb garden, tropical houses, rose gardens, succulent houses and perennial gardens, etc.

Leslie Radka, Founder, GreatPeopleSearch

Kingwood Center Gardens

The Kingwood Center Gardens is a garden center located in Mansfield, Ohio with some absolutely stunning sights. Not only is this attraction open year-round, but admission to the garden itself is relatively cheap, starting at $8 per person over 12. There are also workshops held in these gardens where you can learn how to create art, how to cook, and how to care for plants. If that doesn’t sound fun, then strolling around the gardens is a great way to spend your leisurely time.

Brittany Mendez, Travel Expert & CMO, Florida Panhandle

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, the broad range of things to do in Mansfield, Ohio makes it the perfect destination for anyone. Whether you’re a person who seeks thrilling activities or low-key and relaxing experiences, this city has something to offer. So, why not give it a shot on your next trip?

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