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Things to Do in Findlay, Ohio| Top Most Enjoyable Attractions For Your Family

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Findlay is the Hancock Historical Museum. This museum is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Hancock County. Visitors can explore exhibits on the county’s early settlement, Native American tribes, and Civil War history. The museum also features a variety of interactive displays that are perfect for kids.

Another great option for things to do in Findlay is visiting one of the many parks and recreation areas. There are dozens of beautiful parks located throughout town, so you’re sure to find one that suits your interests. Hiking, biking, fishing, and picnicking are just a few of the activities that you can enjoy in these parks. 

If you ever have the chance to go to Findlay, Ohio, be sure to check out some of the great spots we’ve listed below for entertainment and relaxation. Discover the finest activities in Findlay by checking out our list below. Explore the remainder of Findlay, Ohio, by reading on to learn about other unique and intriguing locations.

Experience the majesty of nature at Riverside Park

Nature enthusiasts flock to this gorgeous park because it sits along the banks of the enchanting Blanchard River. For those who want to get away from it all but yet want to be close to nature and enjoy, the beauty of the park’s lush foliage and vast greenery are just a few of the many amenities that visitors may enjoy at the park.

For its breathtaking natural beauty and exquisite vistas, the park is well-known. Swimming, fishing, birdwatching, hiking, and canoeing are just a few of the many leisure activities that may be enjoyed at the lake.

Riverside Park Findlay Ohio

Take a walk along the river and take in the stunning sights. The park’s swimming pool is a great place to cool down from the sun, and paddle boats and kayaks are available for rent. Take a dip in the river, play a game of volleyball or basketball, and enjoy a riverside picnic while you’re here.

In the park’s peaceful ambiance, you may read a wonderful book or just rest beneath a tree. This park is a terrific spot to take a break from the drudgery of daily life and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Hancock Historical Museum is a fascinating resource for regional history

The Hancock Historical Museum dates back to 1970. Since its founding by a few notable persons from the Findlay region, the museum has served the local community’s interests.

The museum’s mission is to foster a feeling of community through preserving the past. With entertaining changing exhibitions, the museum is continually bringing something fresh to the city of Findlay.

Hancock Historical Museum

If you’re searching for things to do in Findlay, Ohio, you should check out one of the museum’s various activities. Consider taking a journey down memory lane with the displays from the 1960s and 1950s. Additionally, the museum protects and maintains the Crawford Log House, the Little Red Schoolhouse, and the Riverside Train.

Attend an Event at Emory Adams Park

If you’re planning a trip to Findlay, don’t forget to check out Emory Adams Park. Recreational facilities include a playground, sports fields, picnic spots, a basketball court, and more. It’s possible to go trekking on the park’s lush pathways and take in the park’s stunning scenery.

You and your loved ones may have a picnic in the park while taking in the beautiful environment.

Emory Adams Park

Hot air balloon festivals, health runs, sports competitions, and more can all be found in the park.

When they’ve had enough of running about and playing, the youngsters will be hungry. So pack a picnic lunch with you. The shelter building provides plenty of shade, but if you want to dine outdoors, there are also many picnic tables.

Attend an Event at the Marathon Centre for the Performing Arts

Findlay, Ohio, is only a short drive away from a wide variety of entertainment options. The Marathon Centre for the Performing Arts is the greatest local entertainment you’ll ever watch on your travels.

Marathon Centre for the Performing Arts

A downtown performing arts complex, Marathon is housed in the former Findlay High School building, and it’s more than simply a theater. Country singer Darius Rucker played there once, and the venue may be reserved for weddings.

Marathon Centre is having a great time right now, as you could expect. To keep things interesting, you may go to a performance or participate in one of the numerous unique events that are held in Findlay, Ohio. Check this out on your list of things to see and do in Findlay, Ohio.

Visit Jeffrey’s Antique Gallery to Shop for Antiques

Every year, the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts hosts a wide range of high-quality theatrical productions, including concerts, dramas, comedies, ballets, and musicals, among others.

Jeffrey's Antique Gallery

Additional facilities include a huge event space and an art gallery. This is a popular location for social gatherings, reunions, and weddings. Entertainment may be found at the theater. Come to Jeffrey’s Antique Gallery for a day of shopping and fun with your family and friends, where entrance and parking are both free!

During the sweltering summer months, they also provide air conditioning so that you may spend as much time as you need at the mall. They also allow dogs at their company, and they have a large space outside that can accommodate RVs, campers, trucks, and other types of vehicles.

Children’s Museum of Findlay: A Fun Day for the Whole Family

If you’re traveling with children, be sure to include some fascinating locations for them on your list of trip places. There’s nothing better than catching a glimpse of a child’s wide-eyed excitement at something new.

Children's Museum of Findlay

Visiting the Children’s Museum of Findlay is guaranteed to bring a smile to your children’s cheeks. A primary goal of the museum’s programming is to foster a child’s inherent drive to develop and learn by providing a joyful and secure place for them to do so. Even adults will find the museum intriguing. All of the displays are interactive, so kids can jump right into the fun right away.

Visit the Swiss Community Historical Society

Who knew Ohio could be considered the original West? Ohio was the first place people wanted to go before they wanted to go to the Rocky Mountains or the California coasts.

If you’re up for a 30-minute journey west, the Swiss Community Historical Society is a terrific spot to go. You’ll be taken to the 1800s when homesteaders and explorers were finding their way to the mythical Promised Land.

Swiss Community Historical Society

On the seven-acre Schumacher Farmhouse in the Bluffton–Pandora region, the Swiss Community Historical Society is located. You may enjoy a wide range of engaging activities at the Farmstead throughout the summer. Special events, such as the Bluffton Fall Festival, are held on a regular basis.

Find out what life was like in the 1800s for a group of Swiss residents in this part of the country. It is possible to observe their furnishings, cooking equipment, and garden. If you’re a history buff, this is the ideal spot to go.

Explore the region’s fascinating past at the Hancock Historical Museum

The Hancock County Historical Museum is located in the city of Ohio and focuses on Hancock County’s history. Marathon Petroleum Corporation Energy and Davies Homestead are all part of Hancock Museum’s collection. In addition, the museum retains the Riverside Park railway that was once located there. The “Barn,” the museum’s agricultural building, focuses on the farming and agricultural system of the area.

Samuel Crowford’s family and himself have lived in the Crawford Log House since 1840. The Museum depicts how the early inhabitants of the area lived and worked. DeWald-Funk is a replica of a 19th-century log cabin. It’s a great place to visit and learn about how the inhabitants of this area fared during the Civil War.

Hancock Historical Museum Past

The Davis Homestead is the oldest farm home in the region, built in the 18th century. It was moved from its original location to a museum complex when its original farm was put up for sale.

Erected in 1881, the Hull(Flater) House belonged to a Findlay, Ohio-based businessman who was the proprietor of the city’s first artificial gas and light company. Prior to the Flater family taking possession, his family had already made their home in the area. They left in 1906.

The home has been well cared for to reflect how the family used to live there and to give the impression that they still do. Exhibits of historic bikes and automobiles are also on display at the Museum.

Alternatively, you may visit the Michael G. Oxley Government Center and observe exhibits that explore the history of civic leadership. All year long, the museum hosts a variety of activities, including Oktoberfest, contests, artisan cocktails, film screenings, and more.

Like Findlay, other cities in Ohio have great places and tourist attraction spots too! Visit Akron, Ohio and enjoy the many things you can do there as well.

Check out Findlay Brewing’s Best: Craft Beer and Burgers

Located in the heart of Findlay, Ohio, the Findlay Brewing Company is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Despite the fact that their hamburgers may be a crowd-pleaser, their macaroni and cheese meals are the real deal.

Findlay Brewing's Best Craft Beer and Burgers

However, it’s not necessarily true that you can’t have enough of a good thing. In the end, there is little question that Findlay’s kitchen crew is made up of some of the top chefs in the business.

As long as the pressure isn’t too high, you’ll get exactly what you paid for dryness! In addition to pairing well with cocktails, its spicy dipping sauce may be used with almost every dish on the menu.

Visit the Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation for Train Rides and Tours

This well-known tourist destination offers quarter-scale train rides as well as an interesting museum. Every season, it draws a slew of train enthusiasts. Special events include the Halloween Express, the Trick-or-Treat train, the North Pole Express, the Pumpkin Train, Family Fun Day, and more.

Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation

Model train exhibitions, Pumpkin Fest, Findlay Country Fest, and a slew of other events are held here all year round. The museum is a hit among children. The train rides at this museum are exciting.

Engage in Outdoor Recreation at Riverbend Recreation Area

This park on the Blanchard River’s banks offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, running, boating, fishing, camping, disc golf, and picnics.

Many amenities are available at the park including a tranquil lake and trails that go through lush vegetation. Other amenities include a winter sports center, dog park, volleyball courts, and an arboretum among other things.

Riverbend Recreation Area

This park serves as a jumping-off point for the Blanchard River Water Trail. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are common winter activities in Riverbend Park.

Regardless of the season, you’ll be able to take in the breathtaking scenery. Explore the area’s woods at night by setting camp here. Take a paddle boat ride along the river and have a great time. Landlubbers may take a leisurely stroll down a riverbank or have a delightful picnic beside a lake.

Volleyball is a blast, and the disc golf course will put your talents to the test. Take a seat beneath a tree in the park’s serene ambiance and read a book.

Take in the sunset at Findlay Reservoir

Outdoor recreation enthusiasts go to the 830-acre reservoirs to enjoy a variety of activities, from hiking and running to bird-watching and picnics to sailing and fishing.

Walleye, largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, and bluegill are just a few of the many species that call these waters home.

Findlay Reservoir

One of the best places in the world to go birdwatching is at this location, where you’ll see a wide variety of birds such as ducks and shorebirds in addition to many other species. You may take a walk down the pristine shoreline and take in the breathtaking sights of the calm lake.

A lakeside picnic and a magnificent sunset are just two of the many reasons to visit this idyllic spot here. This is a great place to go fishing and boating, both of which can be done here. Unwinding in such a peaceful setting is a wonderful experience that everyone should take advantage of.


Findlay has a lot to offer in the way of stunning sights that are well worth seeing. There are a number of stunning sights to see.

If Findlay has anything, it’s the amazing experiences that await you here. Indeed, Findlay is a wonderful destination for anyone who likes outdoor activities, museums, and beautiful parks and landscapes. This is a great place to relax and enjoy yourself.

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