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Things to Do in Laconia, NH: Top 10 Most Enjoyable Attractions

Located at the heart of New Hampshire’s Lake Region, Laconia has become a popular tourist hotspot for all the right reasons. The fun annual festivals, great dining options, serene nature, and beautiful lake access make this town a wonderful vacation stop for all kinds of visitors. If you’re planning to visit Laconia and you don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled a list of the top things to do in this area.

1. Festivals and Events

In the middle of February, Laconia hosts the World Championship Sled Dog Derby, drawing thousands of dogs and their trainers to the area. Both Laconia natives and holidaymakers alike anticipate the annual Fourth of July parade and massive fireworks show. The exciting Pumpkin Festival takes place in September, with competitors vying to light the largest number of pumpkin lanterns at once.

Matthew Bowley, Marketing Manager, Solmar Villas

The Motorcycle Week is a week-long group of events that attract motorcyclists from all over the United States. You can hear the revving of the engines and join in a police-escorted memorial ride. This event takes place close to Lake Winnipesaukee. 

— Jennifer Jones, Founder, Beginner Guitar HQ

Festivals and Events

There are races, stunt performances, swap meetings, merchants, music, and magnificently beautiful drives during Laconia Motorcycle Week, which is one of the oldest motorcycle rallies in the world. 

Matthew Bowley, Marketing Manager, Solmar Villas 

Every summer, motorcycle enthusiasts descend on Laconia for Bike Week. With live music, motorcycle races, and plenty of food and drink, it’s one of the year’s most anticipated events.  It is the largest and most popular bike festival in the northeast United States. There are four different rides during the week, with varying distances and levels of difficulty.  Activities include a bike parade, bike show, rides, tours, races, and many other fun events. 

Deepanshu Bedi, Marketing Director, Holistapet

2. Weirs Beach

Weirs Beach is one of the best places to visit in Laconia, New Hampshire. Aside from the sandy beach, you can also find a playground, picnic tables, and a 1300-foot-long boardwalk with amazing views of the Ossipee Mountains. 

 Larry Snider, VP of Operations, Casago Vacation Rentals

If you are a beach lover and enjoy beach parties, don’t think much about a plan with your friends and family to visit the beautiful beaches of Laconia. There are beautiful natural views, calm and cool weather, and much more. There is a famous beach with the name Weirs Beach. This is a sandy beach that is a very famous place for bikers. People who are fans of bike racing visit this area and enjoy their life. If you are one of those people, then this beach is heaven on earth for you.

Weirs Beach

Ayman Zaidi, Founder, A-One Corp

This lake front is a beautiful place that offers a Great Lake experience. There are train rides, delicious food restaurants, and amazing hotels. This location is great for a trip with the kids or a romantic getaway with a significant other.

Jennifer Jones, Founder, Beginner Guitar HQ

Weirs Beach is the most popular spot in Laconia, and for a good reason. The three-mile-long beach stretches along the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee and offers stunning views, a wide variety of water sports, and plenty of places to relax and enjoy the sun.

Fred Baker, Senior Travel Editor, Travelness

3. Old Belknap Mill and Museum

Belknap Mill is a cultural arts center, event venue, and museum that has been serving the local community since it was renovated to showcase an important period in the Industrial Revolution. It is believed that this brick, post, and beam mill is the oldest such building still in use in the United States. Although the machines are no longer operational, they nonetheless provide a glimpse into the area’s rich history, and visitors may take part in a variety of educational opportunities focused on the area’s industrial past.

Matthew Bowley, Marketing Manager, Solmar Villas

Old Belknap Mill and Museum

4. Dining

Another best thing that you can do in Laconia, New Hampshire, is enjoying the best food. Blue Bistro is a famous restaurant, and they’re known to serve some of the best cuisines, which are presented in a very professional and beautiful manner. They serve yummy breakfast meals like fluffy omelets, french toast, etc. Ans for lunch and dinner, this restaurant has choices for all vegetarians and non-vegetarians. So dont miss the best food of Blue Bistro and must visit this restaurant whenever you go to Laconia, New Hampshire.

No visit to Laconia would be complete without indulging in some of the local cuisines; the city is home to several top-rated restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. So whether you’re looking for a hike through nature or a delicious meal, Laconia has something for everyone.

Oberon Copeland, Owner, Very Informed


Kellerhaus is an indoor ice cream place and candy store. The ice cream area has around 15 flavors [1] and an unlimited topping bar. The candy store sells candy by the pound, and there’s a huge selection. There’s also a rather large gift shop with all sorts of odds and ends. Kellerhaus is located on Rt 3 up the hill from the Weirs and is open all year round. As someone who goes there multiple times per year, every year, I highly recommend both their ice cream and their candy.

— Dave Bochichio, Clean Cut Finance

5. Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves

This is one of the favorite places of tourists when they visit Laconia, New Hampshire. It is located in Kinsman Notch. When you visit there you can explore amazing rock walls, cascading waterfalls, boulder caves, and gigantic boulders. More importantly, you can enjoy the beauty of natural views.

Leslie Radka, Founder, GreatPeopleSearch

Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves

6. Funspot Arcade

Funspot is the largest arcade in the world, as per the Guinness Book of World Records. Funspot is further down the road past Kellerhaus near the Weirs in Laconia. Funspot has over 500 video games, a pizza place, a pub for adults, a bowling alley, bumper cars, bingo, mini golf, and more. You could easily spend an entire day at Funspot alone as there is so much to do, especially if you have children. Across the street from Funspot is a GoKart track for all ages. Funspot is open all year and 7 days of the week. It gets crowded in the summertime as both tourists and camps visit.

— Dave Bochichio, Clean Cut Finance

Funspot Arcade

7. Daytona Fun Park

It is one of the best and most fun places to visit when someone plans their trip to Laconia, New Hampshire. There are a lot of activities that someone can do there, like playing a mini-golf course along with an eye-catching environment. 

Leslie Radka, Founder, GreatPeopleSearch

Daytona Fun Park

8. Ahern State Park

Ahern State Park, which covers 128 acres, is situated next to Winnisquam Lake. The Ahern state park is special in its own right and offers loads of interesting activities for you to delight in while not being a great attraction like the numerous exciting spots in Laconia. The tranquil ambiance of this location and the views from the lakeside area are available for visitors to enjoy while strolling alongside the forest trails. You are welcome to play with your dogs in the park and even go for a walk on the paths with them. There is much to participate in while you are here, and the environment is nice during the summer.

Phillip Imler, Founder, Global Alliance of National Parks

Ahern State Park

9. Gunstock Mountain Resort

If you’re looking for adrenaline-pumping fun, head to Gunstock Mountain Resort for downhill skiing and mountain biking in the summer, or try ice climbing at one of the many outdoor ice rinks.

Fred Baker, Senior Travel Editor, Travelness

Gunstock Mountain Resort

10. Historical Sites

Laconia is also home to many historical sites, including the Canobie Lake Park, the oldest amusement park in New Hampshire, and Castle in the Clouds, a stunning estate built in 1914.

And no visit to Laconia would be complete without taking a scenic ride on the historic Laconia Carousel, which has been in operation since 1952.

Fred Baker, Senior Travel Editor, Travelness

Historical Sites

11. Lake Opechee Inn and Spa

Lake Opechee Inn and Spa is a resort on Lake Opechee, which makes for a great \romantic getaway. The Inn has 34 unique rooms, some with jacuzzi tubs and lake views, others with forest views, as well as many amenities to enrich a couples’ experience. Attached to the Inn is the Spa, where you can get many types of massage treatments to relax while you’re on vacation. On the other end of the Inn is O’s Steak and Seafood, an amazing restaurant to get steak, seafood, and other delicious meals.

— Dave Bochichio, Clean Cut Finance

Lake Opechee Inn and Spa

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re seeking restful experiences or daring adventures, you can never go wrong with a town like Laconia. You can simply soak in the sun at the beach, engage in low-key birdwatching, or visit a local spa. On the other hand, you can also go hiking, skiing, ice climbing, nature exploring, and a bunch of other outdoor activities. Laconia offers the best of both worlds, so expect to have a delightful experience during your visit.

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