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Things To Do in Worcester, MA| Fun and Exciting Activities For Your Family

There are many things to do in Worcester MA, and tourists will be sure to have a great time when they visit. This location is rich in history and offers plenty of exciting activities for visitors. From museums to theaters, there is something for everyone in Worcester. The city also has a beautiful park system that is perfect for a relaxing stroll or a picnic lunch. Worcester is a great place to visit for a day trip or a longer vacation, and tourists will be sure to find plenty of things to do that suit their interests.

Before you go, make sure you get in contact ahead to make sure the attractions and restaurants are still open. Let’s check out the most enjoyable activities in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Visit the renowned Silver Collection at the Worcester Art Museum

The Worcester Art Museum is home to a diverse collection of artworks by artists from all over the world, all of which are on display. More than 35,000 artworks from diverse eras are on display in the museum.

Silver Collection at the Worcester Art Museum

Different exhibitions are also put on by the museum to honor different civilizations from throughout the world. Museum visitors are drawn to Paul Revere’s priceless silver collection, which is on display.

A beautiful armor gallery is another popular draw for visitors. In addition to a gift store and a cafe serving refreshments, the museum offers visitors the opportunity to purchase mementos of their visit.

Explore the Entertaining Exhibits at the EcoTarium

There are no other museums like it in the world that are committed to educating and motivating people to learn more about science and the natural world. Museum visitors may experience nature on an adventurous tree-climbing adventure, learn more about the universe at Alden Digital Planetarium, and meet local animals at Animal Corner in an urban paradise. With kids in tow, this is a fantastic site to explore in Worcester.

Entertaining Exhibits at the EcoTarium

At the EcoTarium, visitors may explore the natural world via three floors of hands-on, interactive displays. The Artistry of Motion is among the museum’s most popular exhibitions. Throughout the year, the museum presents a wide range of special events, activities, and educational opportunities, from science camps to Frozen Fun Weekends and the Great Pumpkin Fest.

Explore the Bancroft Tower

One of Worcester’s most notable landmarks is the Bancroft Tower, which was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1980.

Bancroft Tower

A benefactor named Stephen Salisbury dedicated it to his buddy George Bancroft in 1990. The Annapolis naval school was founded by Bancroft, who was also secretary of the navy.

Located in Salisbury Park, the Bancroft Tower is an imposing 56-foot-tall neo-medieval fantasy structure. The tower, which is made of natural stone, resembles a little medieval castle with a notable feature. Because it’s situated in a quiet area, the tower enjoys a gentle wind. It is a place you might be looking forward to exploring.

Feast your eyes on the American Antiquarian Society

According to the American Antiquarian Society (AAS), which was established in 1812 as a non-profit research library by Revolutionary War hero Isaiah Thomas. 

Secondary texts, manuscripts, and digital materials on American history and culture prior to the 20th century are also included in AAS’s extensive collection. On Wednesday afternoons, the American Antiquarian Society offers free public tours and a range of programs, including dramatic and musical plays, lectures, seminars, and chats.

Visit the Hanover Theatre and its Conservatory for the Performing Arts.  

American Antiquarian Society

Constructed originally as the Franklin Square Theatre in 1904, today’s Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts showcases a diverse range of acts including plays, concerts, and other types of live entertainment.

The theater dubbed the “cultural gem of Central Massachusetts,” has a capacity of 2300 people and hosts a variety of shows, including Last Comic Standing and the Historical and Architectural Tour. Second-floor guests may also enjoy art exhibitions and other visual art displays at an art gallery called the Franklin Square Salon Gallery.

There are several educational opportunities, internships, and summer youth camps available to those interested in the creative industries for students. An evening at the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts in Worcester is an excellent option for couples searching for something special to do together.

Photograph the Beautiful Mechanics Hall

Central Massachusetts’s Mechanics Hall is a favorite for events and concerts because of its beautiful architecture, exquisite interior design, and superior acoustics. The National Register has recognized the Hall as one of the best pre-Civil War performance venues in the United States.

Beautiful Mechanics Hall

One of New England’s most historic venues, the Hall blends 19th-century elegance and glamour with contemporary conveniences and superb acoustics to create an exceptional event space. It is possible to hire the Mechanics Hall for a variety of purposes, including concerts and recording sessions, weddings, and galas, among others.

Have Fun with the Kids at the Green Hill Park

Green Hill Park is situated at Skyline Drive. At more than 480 acres, it is the biggest park in the city of Rochester. The park has a baseball field, a golf course, handball courts, and picnic spaces. Ponds and an animal sanctuary are also available.

the Green Hill Park

At the Green Hill Park Farm, you’ll find chickens, ducks, goats, and a host of other creatures. During the years 1910 and 1911, George H. Clemence constructed a green shelter for Hill Park.

Designed in the manner of a Chinese pavilion, this structure is included on the National Register of Historic Places because of its historical significance.

Elm Park is a Family-Friendly Park

Worcester’s Elm Park can be found in the vicinity of Highland Street, Russell, and Elm Street, and is a designated historic landmark. The site was acquired in 1854, making it one of the first acquisitions of land in the United States to be utilized as a public park.

Elm Park

This park was remodeled and manicured from pastureland when it was first built. The park now comprises Newton Hill, which has picnic spaces, a pond with two footbridges, tennis courts, and so much more. 

Take advantage of The Sole Proprietor’s Fresh Seafood

As of 1979, The Sole Proprietor has been routinely selected Worcester’s best seafood restaurant by its neighbors. One of the greatest seafood restaurants in the United States was selected after competing against hundreds of other restaurants. In addition to the fantastic food, The Sole Proprietor offers a welcoming atmosphere and a wide range of interesting activities for guests to enjoy.

The Sole Proprietor's Fresh Seafood

This restaurant has a warm and inviting eating area that will make you feel right at home. As well as delicious seafood prepared in a variety of mouthwatering ways, you can expect friendly and efficient service.

Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located in Worcester, the Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial honors soldiers who served in the conflict. There are four elements to the memorial: the Place of Flags; the Place of Words; and a War Dog Monument. The four-acre park was dedicated in 2002.

Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Students may meet military veterans and ask them questions during school visits to the monument. In the meanwhile, the names of the martyrs are listed alphabetically at the exit. Another plaque recognizes the service of more than 4,000 dogs in the Vietnam War.

Like Worcester, other cities in Massachusetts offer fun recreation centers too. Check out Hyannis, MA for enjoyable things to do for you and your family.

Visit the Crompton Collective to buy crafts made by local artisans

The city boasts a magnificent boutique market right in the middle of the city for shoppers and collectors to enjoy. Local craftsmen and small business entrepreneurs may offer their wares at the Crompton Collective market.

Crompton Collective

Almost anything is available at the shop, from crafts to clothing. To spruce up your house, you might buy some food or antiques.

In addition to the market, there is a neighboring bread business where you may have some snacks. Within a single structure, you’ll find all of this and more.

Have Fun and  Enjoy Music at the Wormtown Brewery

Worcester’s Wormtown Brewery is on Shrewsbury Street. It was founded in 2010 and the Shrewsbury branch was inaugurated in 2015.

Music at the Wormtown Brewery

It is important to note that all of the hops, malt, and rye used by the brewery are sourced from the area. Brews from Wormtown include Blizzard Of 78, Fresh Patch Pumpkin Ale, and 7 Hills Session Ale.

It is open from Wednesday to Sunday in the Wormtown Tap Room in Worcester. Brewery tours are provided on Saturday and Sunday.

Central Rock Gym offers indoor rock climbing

One of Worcester’s most exciting attractions is Central Rock Gym, a place where the whole family can enjoy an exhilarating experience together. Climbers may enjoy a wide range of indoor activities at this facility, which was established in the year 2009.

Central Rock Gym

Everything here is top-of-the-line: machinery, equipment, and artwork. Gym facilities are also available for those who want to stay in shape while they’re on vacation.

In addition to climbing and other community events, Central Rock Gym also provides yoga courses and other fitness activities, such as spin classes. A member of staff will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have and assist you to feel at ease in the gym.

Get to Survey Livia’s Dish

Casual eatery Livia’s Dish delivers wonderful Italian food in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Family-owned and run by Executive Chef Anton Mehillaj, Livia’s Dish specializes in fresh, seasonal food produced with New World herbs and spices from local farmers.

Livia’s Dish

To begin with, Livia’s offers a wide variety of options, including homemade soup, fresh garden salads, bruschetta, sautéed mussels, lamb shank, and chicken roulade.

There’s also a sweet-and-salty crepe menu, as well as a unique culinary birthday party for kids in a kid-friendly kitchen, in addition to breakfast, brunch, lunch, and supper at Livia’s.

The Sprinkler Factory

Sprinkler Factory has an abundance of fascinating displays and is a fantastic choice for a family that is fascinated by modern technology.

Art installations and sculptures, as well as artist workshops utilized for pottery, glasswork, and jewelry demonstrations, are all housed in the Factory Exhibition Area, which is around 3000 square feet in size.

The Sprinkler Factory

You may be wondering what’s up with the moniker. The water fog nozzle and hose nozzle were designed by Howard G. Freeman while working at Rockwood Sprinkler Factory. Even now, they’re still in use for things like airplane accident rescue and other things of the kind. The Sprinkler Factory is free to enter, so take advantage of it.

Pay a Visit Union Station

The Union Station is a must-see for anybody visiting the city. This station, built by the New York Central Railroad in 1911, was in its prime at the time it was constructed.

It serviced the Boston and Albany Railroad Main Line, the Providence and Worcester Railroad, and a number of other nearby locations. Following the discontinuation of passenger service in 1974, the station descended into a condition of ruin. However, in 2000, Worcester Redevelopment Authority paid $32 million to buy Union Station and repair it. The following decades saw much more progress in this area of the industry.

Union Station

In the “Grand Hall,” you may appreciate the marble columns, mahogany wood trim, and the original elliptical stained glass ceilings. The improvements are definitely worth seeing. A fast-food diner and a gangster-themed restaurant, Luciano’s Cotton Club, are two more options worth checking out in the area.

Checkout the Salisbury Mansion

The Salisbury Mansion in Worcester, Massachusetts, is a historic home museum on Highland Street. Stephen Salisbury erected the home in 1772. To accommodate the Salisbury family, it was shut down in 1820 as a shop selling foreign items.

The home is on the National Register of Historic Places. After serving as a school for girls, a home for renters, and a social club, it was purchased in 1929 by the American Antiquarian Society and given to them in 1938.

Salisbury Mansion

The home was given to the Worcester Art Museum, which relocated it to its present position after the donation. The mansion is currently operated as a museum by the Worcester Historical Museum, and it’s well worth including on your list of Worcester must-sees.


Worcester, Massachusetts, in the state’s central region, has a surprising number of museums, farms, restaurants, historical monuments, and other points of interest to offer visitors of all ages.

There are several places in the city where people may learn about the city’s history and have fun. Avoid missing out on a chance to discover Worcester and make wonderful memories.

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