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Things To Do in Falmouth: A Vacationers Guide

When visiting Falmouth, it might be difficult to decide where to begin. This article is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the attractions and activities available in the region. Falmouth boasts a diverse range of attractions, shops, restaurants, and nightlife to appeal to every visitor. In addition to its beautiful beaches and surroundings, this town is a major tourist attraction because of its many quaint colonial-era buildings.

This guide is meant to help you make the most of your time in Falmouth, whether you’re just seeking a quiet spot to rest your head or are eager to see all the town has to offer.

Ascend the Nobska Lighthouse’s Winding Stairs

This landmark structure in Falmouth is situated at the meeting point of Nantucket Sound, Buzzards Bay, and Vineyard Sound, making it one of the most picturesque locations in the town.

the nobska lighthouse's winding stairs

This tower, which was first built in 1826 and then refurbished in 1876, is still standing. The Nobska Lighthouse was recognized for its historical and cultural significance by being added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

All of the buildings are really stunning in their own special ways. The spiral stairwell in the lighthouse is one of the building’s most fascinating and complex aspects, and it’s reminiscent of the one described in Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, Inferno.

Go on a Historical Walking Tour

Located in picturesque Woods Hole, Massachusetts, the Museum of Natural History has an impressive collection devoted to sea creatures and marine history.

Go on a Historical Walking Tour

Additionally, the local history of the region is highlighted. Woods Hole’s rich legacy is showcased via a collection of relics. The tour guides are helpful and kind people who provide interesting morsels of knowledge. The trip may be adapted to your schedule and interests if time is of the essence. 

An extensive boat museum with several vessels is also available. The museum has an interactive workshop where visitors may try their hand at several hobbies.

Bike Along the Coast of the Shining Sea

This massive trail of 10.7 miles is perfect for cyclists and hikers alike.  Staring at the Steamship Authority, this path follows an old rail line all the way to its end in Woods Hole.

the Coast of the Shining Sea

Horseback riding and rollerblading, a favorite among young people, are two more outdoor activities that may be enjoyed by the whole family. If you’re on a family vacation, don’t forget to bring your skates. Many cross-country skiers also visit during the busy winter months. The path is simple enough for novices to complete and is accessible all year round.

There is no need to deal with muddy trails or bumpy dirt roads since this area is paved. Keep in mind that there may be poison ivy or deer ticks present, both of which may spread sickness.

Explore the National Maritime Museum

This museum, which opened in 2003, documents Falmouth’s harbor’s past and Cornwall’s maritime tradition. The packet ships that transported the mail of the British Empire into and out of the Falmouth port for over two centuries are only one of many interesting aspects of Cornish history that may be explored here.

the National Maritime Museum

The Falmouth Quay Punt, which was voyaged to the Antarctic, and a Thames steamer built in 1866 are just a few of the boats in the National Small Boat Archive, which is part of the National Maritime Museum. The museum also chronicles Robin Knox and Johnston’s Ellen MacArthur’s solo circumnavigations of the globe, both of which began and ended in Falmouth.

Spend the Day Fishing at Falmouth Beach

Falmouth is home to a number of stunning beaches, including the famous Falmouth Beach.

Falmouth Beach

It is the ideal place to spend a leisurely morning fishing thanks to the presence of a wide diversity of fish species, including many kinds of cod and other fish. The majority of visitors agree that this beach’s cleanliness and the clarity of the ocean are the two features that make it the most fascinating.

Because the water level is not too high, you may also have a swim in the waters that are quite pleasant, and then you can enjoy a great meal with your family after that.

Travel to St. Mawes and Beyond by Ferry

What could be more perfect than this? St. Mawes is without a doubt one of Cornwall’s most picturesque towns. This picturesque town may be reached either by land or sea thanks to its little port and brightly painted homes. 

Take the boat to St. Mawes from either Prince of Wales Pier or Custom House Quay, and you’ll be at your destination in only 20 minutes. Get some coffee and a pastry at Da Bara Bakery when you arrive in St. Mawes, and then take a leisurely walk down the river to the impressive St. Mawes Castle.

St. Mawes and Beyond by Ferry

St Mawes Castle is one of Cornwall’s most significant Tudor defense forts while being much smaller than Pendennis Castle. Beautiful views of Falmouth and the estuary can be seen from here. From the parking lot, you may descend to the beach via the stairs, or you can enjoy the castle’s lovely garden.

After you’ve shopped till you drop, travel back to the harbor for a meal at the St. Mawes Hotel or Idle Rocks, both of which are located right on the ocean.

If you’re at St. Mawes for a while, you may explore the subtropical church gardens of St. Just-in-Roseland by taking the circular walking track from the castle to St. Just. You may also ride the boat from St. Mawes to St. Anthony Head on the Roseland Peninsula’s southern point.

Travel to Spohr Gardens to View Maritime Relics

If you want to teach your kids about vessels and other nautical equipment, here is the perfect spot to take them. It’s open to the public without cost and has plenty of amazing stuff like anchors and ships on display.

Spohr Gardens

Alongside each of the exhibited works, intriguing nuggets of knowledge are inscribed underneath, providing a kind of history. When you arrive in the spring, the flowers along the lake are in full bloom, adding to the beauty of the area. You may expect to have a tremendous sense of serenity and tranquility here, making it a perfect destination for single travelers.

As a result, this picturesque coastline from the past is ideal for unwinding after a day of sightseeing or adventure.

View the Interior of Pendennis Castle

Henry Vlll strategically placed Cornwall’s biggest fortification on a point above Falmouth to protect the country from seaborne assault.

English Heritage preserves this remarkable 16th-century defensive bastion, allowing visitors to experience what it was like to explore a Tudor stronghold replete with medieval armaments, gun battlements, and turrets. 

Pendennis Castle

The Pendennis Castle was used as a hidden military base during World War II, and the castle now has an interactive museum detailing the castle’s history as well as a First World War Guardhouse replete with cells.

Located on three different bodies of water, Pendennis Castle provides stunning scenery of Falmouth as well as the surrounding Cornish countryside. Pendennis Castle has a modest café where you may have some tea and cake after exploring the grounds or enjoying a picnic.

Visit Old Silver Beach for a Breathtaking Sunset

As the most well-known beach in all of Falmouth, Old Silver Beach is often considered to be among the finest on all of Cape Cod.  For all their allure, sunrises are at their most breathtaking and unforgettable when seen from a beach.

Old Silver Beach

Plan a night at the beach and stay up to see the dawn if you want to wow your date and have a memorable romantic break. If you’re worried about your safety, don’t be. Qualified lifeguards are always on hand to eliminate any risks. Clean public bathrooms are one of the many upscale conveniences offered.

A delectable snack bar is also available, with menu items including burgers, fries, and other fast food classics. Be sure to taste a couple of the fried fish dishes that are popular on the beach, since this is the staple meal of the inhabitants. Each of them uses freshly caught fish from the area.

Visit a Cape Cod Winery for a Romantic Evening

Visiting a vineyard is a romantic activity that many couples enjoy doing together. Stop by the popular Cape Cod Winery, visited by both residents and visitors, to sample some of the region’s finest vintages.

Cape Cod Winery

All of the wines and beers on offer here are created and crafted on the premises. Pair your wine of choice with a selection from the appetizer menu, which includes cheese, salami, and crackers. Dining in the charming outside area is highly recommended.

Visit Trebah Garden’s Hydrangea Valley

Trebah Garden in Helford is a beautiful place to spend the day strolling about if you’re a fan of nature. Trebah is renowned for its stunning fall display of white and blue hydrangeas, but it also has a wide variety of other plants, making it a top candidate for the title of “Great Garden of Cornwall.”

Trebah Garden’s Hydrangea Valley

Be sure you’re in good enough shape to handle the steep inclines and declines of the Trebah paths. Access across the valley may be challenging for individuals who use wheelchairs or have difficulty walking.

Take a stroll through the grounds and end up on the private beach that stretches out into the Helford River, where you can relax and have a delicious Cornish ice cream from the beach shop.

The Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Offers Outdoor Activities

Large areas of ocean, marshes, and barrier beaches are all part of the Estuarine Research Reserve.

Falmouth and Mashpee share the territory of this well-known preserve. It’s upheld by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the DCR (Department of Conservation and Recreation).

The Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Since then, it has become a vital federal reserve with a long and storied past. Permitted activities range from the mainstream to the odd, such as regulated hunting.

Apart from this, you may go fishing, boating, camping, and hiking in the great outdoors. The reserve protects a wide range of habitats for marine life, including both salt and freshwater ponds. Hammer flake tools and oyster middens, a few of which date back a thousand years, are also on display in the museum.

Are you a fun-lover? Other cities in Massachusetts have great places too! Visit Worcester, MA and enjoy the many things you can do there as well.

Immerse Yourself in Nature at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

One of the most interesting sites to see in the Falmouth area is the Gweek Cornish Seal Sanctuary. The SEA LIFE Trust runs this shelter for wounded seal pups. The Grey seal pups from the Cornish coast are rescued by the organization and rehabilitated there.

the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

The nonprofit organization’s ultimate goal is to return the recovered seals to the ocean, but others will remain at the refuge for the rest of their lives. As well as seeing the seals in their chambers, visitors to Gweek may also check out the seal hospital, swim in the rock pools, and view the other rescued species that call Gweek home.

Get Some Peace and Quiet at the Knob

Several beaches may be found in close proximity to the Knob’s path. It’s surrounded by rocks, and it’s a popular place for people to go to get away from it all. Over the course of one mile, a walking trail winds through the woods and through various plant life. 

the Knob

The Knob is a great place to see the dawn or sunset, and it also has picture-postcard views of Buzzards Bay. Free parking is available close to the port.

Swing Your Clubs at Falmouth Country Club

In order to make the most out of your stay in Falmouth over the weekend, book some tee times at the Falmouth Country Club.

Falmouth Country Club

This open golf course is free to the public and is situated close to the Atlantic Ocean, cranberry bogs, and other features that make Cape Cod unique. They offer two different golf courses for your enjoyment. The Osprey Course and the Talon Course, both consisting of nine holes, are ideal for players with little time.

You may rest easy knowing that the course and nearby animals are being taken care of at this club since Audubon International has designated it as a Cooperative Sanctuary.

Visit the Aquatic Exhibits of the Woods Hole Science Aquarium

Numerous marine organisms, such as those found in the ocean’s depths, continue to awe and astonish observers.

The Marine Biological Laboratory and the National Marine Fisheries Services are in charge of managing the government-owned Woods Hole Science Aquarium.

the Woods Hole Science Aquarium

Even though it’s relatively tiny, this amazing location is home to over as 140 different marine life species [1]. The interior tanks of the aquarium are home to a wide variety of marine life, not only fish.

An outside enclosure was built specifically for the seals, and visitors are welcome to go there and see them in their natural habitat. The Woods Hole Science Center is home to a rehabilitation program for sea turtles that have washed up on shore.

The public, however, is unable to see these since they are behind closed doors. However, the aquarium also serves as a fantastic resource for protecting aquatic ecosystems.

Even though there are certain creatures you won’t get to view, there are still many stunning species to observe, such as the sea robin, seaport, and harbor seal.


Falmouth is a great destination since it offers both exciting activities and tremendous things to do. If you’re looking for a place to spend a relaxing weekend, add Falmouth, Massachusetts, to your list of potential destinations.

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