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What To Do in Bangor, Maine: Top Enjoyable Attractions in The City

Looking for something fun to do in Bangor Maine? Well, you’re in luck. This city is home to many tourist attractions that are sure to please. From shopping and dining to sightseeing and outdoor activities, there is something for everyone here. 

In this article post, we will take a tour of the best things to do in Bangor Maine. Regardless of your own preferences, the following amazing items will make your visit or stay in Bangor, Maine a memory to treasure for a lifetime. So put on your walking shoes and let’s get started.

Check out the Museum of Art at the University of Maine

For almost 60 years, the University of Maine Museum of Art has been educating students and the general public about the importance of modern and contemporary art in today’s world. There are more than 3,800 pictures and original prints in the museum’s permanent collection.

Museum of Art at the University of Maine

Over 3,800 20th-century works of art, including original prints and photos, are housed in the museum’s permanent collection. Picasso, Warhol, Estes, Wyeth, and Rivera are among the artists whose work is on show. Additional exhibits and seminars are held at the museum in addition to its permanent collection.

Aside from permanent displays, the museum also conducts temporary exhibitions and seminars, and it offers educational materials and educational trips to local schools in the Bangor region.

Experiencing the World of Stephen King

Stephen King is a well-known and beloved horror novelist. He’s originally from Maine, in case you didn’t know. In Bangor, he grew up, studied at the University of Maine, and has been a resident for 37 years.

world of stephen king

With a black iron fence with gargoyles, the King’s residence was erected in 1858 and is a shrine to his devotees. These people are often seen in front of the gate, posing for photographs and trying to get a peek at The King Of Horror. It was purchased by King in 1980 for $15,000, although he has since moved out of the Bangor home.

Stephen King tours are available in Bangor if you’re a die-hard fan! Taking you to 20-30 locations in and around Bangor that appeared in or inspired Stephen King’s novels, the trip costs $55 and is well worth it. If you’d like to view the sights on your own, the following is a list of noteworthy stops along the way.

The Acadia National Park: A Must-See!

Acadia National Park, a mountainous wilderness right off the coast of Maine, is one of the most intriguing things to do in Bangor, Maine. It’s worth saying that this park is the oldest east of the Mississippi River and comprises other smaller islands, including Mount Desert Island.

You may visit Acadia National Park near Bangor and see Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, Cadillac Mountain, Schoodic Peninsula, and Isle au Haut, among many other sights.

The Acadia National Park

This park is also home to the highest mountain on the eastern shore. Camping, horseback riding, biking, boating, and fishing are just few of the activities you may participate in at this park. Snowmobiling, skiing, and ice fishing may all be done throughout the winter months. During the winter, some of the park’s attractions and roadways may be closed.

Check out the Hudson Museum

If you’re looking for museum-related things to do in Bangor Maine, stop by the Hudson Museum, which is located on the University of Maine’s campus.

In this section, you’ll find a broad variety of information that spans a wide range of cultures and time periods.

Hudson Museum

In the museum’s permanent collection, you’ll discover more than 2,000 pieces of Pre-Columbian pottery artifacts, as well as artifacts from Maine Indians, the Northwest Coast region, and other Native American cultures.

Field excursions for high school and primary school students are offered from time to time by the museum. 

Visit the Land Transportation Museum at Cole

Visiting the Cole Land Transportation Museum is one of the top things to do in Bangor, Maine. Land Vehicles such as trucks, automobiles, and railroads played a significant part in the shape and clearing of the land that would become the state of Maine.

Land Transportation Museum at Cole

The mission of the Cole Country Transportation Museum is to preserve these vehicles as well as the history of the businesses and pioneers who established this land.

The Cole Foundation thinks that by sharing these experiences, they might encourage future generations to achieve greatness through hard effort. This museum also has early automobiles, snowplows, locomotives, trucks, fire vehicles, and a great deal more.

You will also see mementos and exhibitions devoted to Maine residents who are presently serving in the military. The Museum is open everyday from May 1st to November 11th of each year, making it one of the most popular attractions in Bangor, Maine, during this time.

Stroll Around the Mount Hope Cemetery

The Mount Hope Cemetery is the second-oldest garden cemetery in the US, and hence is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

As the city’s population grew, Bangor’s citizens demanded burial grounds beyond the municipal limits. This cemetery was established in 1836 on around 300 mostly forested acres.

mount hope cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery has beautifully groomed grounds. Monuments, bushes, flowers, and trees. You will also discover paved roads that you may stroll or drive on while traversing this tranquil area.

The cemetery is located next to the Penobscot River and is open every day of the year, but its hours may change depending on the season. This is one of the Bangor, Maine attractions that you will enjoy seeing during your trip.

Wine and Dine at the Brewery Hop

Although it cannot compete with Portland as a destination for craft brewers, Bangor nevertheless boasts a few excellent breweries.

There is actually a second site for my favorite Maine brewery—Black Bear Brewing—in downtown Bangor. On the weekends, they showcase live music and provide BBQ as an accompaniment to their beer.

Brewery Hop

My favorite beers from Black Bear Brewing are their Gearhead Amber Ale, Dead Sled Scottish Ale, and Cream Ale. Once, they had a luscious, flavorful Apricot Ale that was my all-time favorite beer, but they no longer produce it.

Orono Brewing Company has two sites, one in downtown Orono and the other in Orono itself. The Orono location offers both good cuisine and a comprehensive tap selection, but the Bangor site exclusively serves beer.

They serve some of the best pizza and sandwiches in Bangor, Maine, with a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan substitutes available. Check out their huge outdoor terrace that is situated directly on the Penobscot River. Other noteworthy breweries in the Bangor region include 2 Feet Brewing, Bangor Beer Co., Black Canvas Brewery, Geaghan Brothers, Marsh Island Brewing, and Blaze.

Have Fun with your Kids at the Paul Buyan’s Statue

Paul Buyan, a mythical folk hero, must have been recounted to every youngster who grew up in the United States. According to legend, Paul Buyan cleared vast areas of woodland to make room for crops and communities. He is supposed to have accomplished this feat with a double-sided ax, a large blue ox, and a towering lumberjack.

paul bunyan statue

Bangor is one of only six communities in the United States that claim Bryan and his stories as their own; yet, judging by the size of the monument of Bryan in Bangor, Bangor has a stronger claim. The monument is about 31 feet tall and weighs 3,700 pounds. It is comprised of fiberglass that has been applied to metal.

Don’t forget to snap a photo with Paul Buyan, as it will serve as proof that you visited Bangor. You can find this amazing monument at Bass Park, which is in front of the Bangor Civic Center, and it is one of the most popular Bangor, Maine attractions.

Attend a Show at the Collins Center

The Collins Center for the Arts is located on the University of Maine’s Bangor campus and is a popular cultural destination for residents and tourists alike.

In addition to the 1435-seat Hutchins Concert Hall and the Bodwell Lounge Area, this complex has the Minsky Recital Hall. Additionally, the center hosts a variety of activities including film screenings, talks, performances, and concerts.

Collins Center

A few concerts and events have taken place there, as has the University of Maine School of Performing Arts (UMSPA). After you’ve finished visiting the Center, stop at Miller’s Cafe on the first floor for some food and drinks.

Miller’s Cafe offers a wide range of entertainment in addition to delicious meals and refreshments. Ticket purchases may be made online, through a smartphone, or at the center’s box office. You can check their website to see what shows will be on exhibit on any given day.

Take a Walk Along the Penobscot River Walkway

Want to spend some time outside in Bangor, Maine? Here are some ideas. The Penobscot River Walkway in Bangor, Maine, is a half-mile-long path that follows the Penobscot River through Bangor.

penobscot river walkway

Cycling, walking, running, inline skating, and other activities are all permitted along the route. The path is also handicap accessible.

As part of Bangor’s Waterfront Park, the promenade is also home to a number of amenities, including bathrooms, picnic tables, and boat stores. Come along with your headphones and a camera to enjoy the walkway’s beautiful landscape.

Biking Through Bangor’s City Forest is a Fun Experience

Check out the Bangor City Forest if you’re in Bangor during the Summer, it’s a great place to relax and unwind.

Bangor's City Forest

Take a bike ride or a stroll in this serene and tranquil neighborhood, this is one of the top things to do in Bangor Maine. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city without having to go too far, then you should go to Bangor City Forest right away.

Enjoy the forest from one of the many benches that dot the route as you stroll along, taking in the sights. The five-mile East-West track is ideal for bikers, and it runs through the park.

Enjoy a Night of Fun at Hollywood Casino

The Hollywood Casino is not identical to a Las Vegas casino, but there are still several games and slot machines here.

Try your luck at the slot machines; good fortune may provide you with a large payout. When you have finally played, take a rest and clear your head while listening to the background music; you can also watch a game on television.

Hollywood Casino

The casino features an on-site restaurant, and tourists dine there. In addition to testing your luck at the slot machines, you may also play poker, blackjack, or roulette. These games are available.

Hollywood distinguishes itself from other casinos in that it is seldom loud or busy. Also, smoking is not permitted inside the casino, and feel free to ask any questions of the skilled and kind personnel.

A Trip to Watch a Movie at the Drive-In Is Always Fun

If you’re nearing the conclusion of your time in Bangor and contemplating a night at the movies, you may want to consider the Bangor Drive-In Theater.

Movie at the Drive-In

The Bangor Drive-In is a movie theater that reopened for business in the second half of 2015 after a long absence. From the start of spring until the end of autumn, their two giant screens display the newest Hollywood releases and classic classics.

You won’t miss as much of the movie if you use your FM radio to tune in to the movie’s frequency. You can grab movie snacks and Maine treats like red hot dogs, whoopie pies, and more at the nearby concession stand. While you’re waiting for the movie to begin, you and your children might play in the nearby playground.

The Hannibal Hamlin Death Couch

One of the attractions of Bangor, Maine, is the Bangor Public Library, which has an Old Couch. The piles of books on top of this Old Couch may seem inviting, but you’re not supposed to sit on it. You may, however, study them. The last person to sit on this sofa was an ailing US Vice President(VP), Hannibal Hamlin, who wsa Lincoln’s vice president.

The Hannibal Hamlin Death Couch

He served as a senator in the United States, as a diplomat in Spain, as a congressman from Maine, and as governor of Maine for a brief period of time before entering politics. While in office, he made considerable strides, including prohibiting the use of alcohol in the House chamber.

He was also a supporter of the Emancipation Proclamation, which he signed. Before he died, he spent two more terms in the House of Representatives as a VP. It now sits in the library’s foyer, facing the reference desk on the second level.


An important city, Bangor, Maine is a part of the story of the United States’ rise to greatness that cannot be ignored.

Stephen King, a liberation icon like the North to Freedom monument, and one of the country’s first pioneers, Paul Buyan, all hail from this region. Bangor, Maine, is a great site to visit because of its fair, open market, and other attractions and activities, making it an obvious choice for a vacation destination.

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