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Things To Do in Williamstown, KY: Top 10 Most Enjoyable Tourist Spots and Activities

While it still has the charm of a bedroom community, the city of Williamstown in Kentucky receives more than a million tourists every year. Home to the famous Ark Encounter, Williamstown offers a wide array of attractions, picturesque sights, homely food, exciting outdoor activities, and historical structures. If you’re planning to go to this beautiful city, here’s a list of what you should include in your itinerary.

1. The Ark Encounter

The biggest draw in Williamstown proper is The Ark Encounter. This is an ark built using the sizes given in the Bible. It can be a very unique experience to take in the size of the ark in real life. Nothing can quite prepare you for how big it is. There are three stories of exhibits in the arc covering everything from how the arc was built to how Noah would have fed the animals. 

Jami, Celiac Travel Pack

The Ark Encounter

A bit of a controversial one – Ark Encounter is one of the biggest attractions in Williamstown, Kentucky, but has been at the center of a lot of dispute in the last few years. Personally, though, I am a little skeptical about a lot of the ‘bible history’ of the ark, but I still think it is definitely worth a visit, especially if you have older kids/teens who can critically think about all the claims. It is an education in different kinds of belief, as well as the incredible primitive engineering that went into building the ark itself!

Matthew Osborn, CEO, Legionary

One of the first biblical tales taught to youngsters in the Christian religion is Noah’s Ark. The Ark Encounter’s designers were driven to elevate this illustrious story to a completely new plane. The life-sized vessel at this attraction was constructed in conformity with the specifications laid out in the bible. With a height of 51 feet and a length of more than 550 feet, The Ark Encounter is the largest timber-built building in the United States. You may learn about the size of the Ark inside this timber-built building, how difficult it would have been for Noah to squeeze two of every animal within, and other important information inside.

Phillip Imler, Founder & President, Global Alliance of National Parks

2. Watch a show at Stage Right Theatre Company

When your feet are tired from exploring all day, Stage Right Theatre Company provides the perfect evening package which will keep you stimulated whilst you unwind. You will enjoy an evening of theatrical performance alongside a delicious table-served meal for the ultimate dining experience. Seated at tables of 8, you can meet new people and exchange ideas and recommendations. Be entertained whilst being waited on and enjoy an evening of show-stopping performances that you won’t forget. 

Xanthe Steer, Owner, Places Unpacked 

Stage Right Theatre Company

3. William Arnold Log House

A fabulous historic spot in Williamstown, the William Arnold Log House is a great way to learn about the area’s history and culture. Filled with knowledgeable experts, this roadside attraction is a great spot for those who love antiques and military stories – you’ll get to explore the two-story log cabin, showcasing all the handmade architectural styles of the time period. You can also visit the Sherman Tavern, a medicinal herbal garden, and picnic spots on the grounds, all in the same location. A wonderful, interactive way to learn about the revolutionary war. Do note – before setting off, you should always check the Facebook page, as there are no regular opening hours, and there’s no point taking a trip out when no one is there to give you a guided tour!

Jacquelyn Kennedy, Founder, PetDT

William Arnold Log House

The city’s founder and his family lived in this authentic and immaculately kept log home. The cottage and surroundings are a historically accurate depiction of Kentucky after the Revolutionary War.

Matthew Bowley, Marketing Manager, Solmar Villas

For history lovers, the William Arnold Log House is a must-see. The log house was built in 1787 and is one of the oldest standing structures in Kentucky. Visitors can tour the house and learn about the early days of settlement in the state. 

Oberon Copeland, Owner, Very Informed

4. Williamstown Lake

Given that it is home to a wide array of various bird species, Williamstown Lake State Park is an awesome location for birding. You can also go swimming, fishing, camping, hiking, picnicking, and boating.

Garrett Hayes, Founder, Birding Hub

Williamstown Lake

Williamstown lake is the largest lake in Northern Kentucky, making it a great natural attraction to visit when you need a little respite from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your holiday. With 28 miles of shoreline and 7 miles from end to end, it is a perfect spot for fishing, paddling, and getting a little taste of that classic Americana summer camp feel. 

When visiting Williamstown lake, you have the chance to canoe, kayak, and paddleboard on the water, or laze & sunbathe on the cove’s beaches. The lake is plenty peaceful for those who want a little R&R, but there are also options for the adrenaline junkies in the family, like water skiing, jet skiing, and tubing. Perfect for the whole family, no matter whether you only have a few hours to spend there, or a whole week to while away.

Beth Schubert, CEO, Own the Grill

5. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

The Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is home to Kentucky’s biggest waterfall and is well-known for its bird-watching opportunities or just to chill and relax without Netflix. The Park offers a wide range of other recreational opportunities, including hiking, camping, and picnicking.

Garrett Hayes, Founder, Birding Hub

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

6. Frank Webb Memorial Park

Williamstown’s Frank Webb Memorial Park is a neighborhood park with lots of outdoor recreation opportunities. You can unwind, play games, or have a wonderful picnic outdoors in grassy areas. The park’s restrooms and its paved walking pathways are ideal for those who need some peaceful time. 

Matthew Bowley, Marketing Manager, Solmar Villas

Park Kentucky

7. Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventure 

For those who like adventure, Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures is a must-try while in Williamstown. This activity can be found at the Ark Encounter. You can choose to go ziplining, take part in aerial challenges, and freefall.

Matthew Bowley, Marketing Manager, Solmar Villas

Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventure

8. Daniel Boone National Forest

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the many hiking trails in Daniel Boone National Forest. The forest offers over 500 miles of trails, and visitors can also fish, camp, and paddle in the many lakes and rivers. 

Oberon Copeland, Owner, Very Informed

If you wish to visit more fun and exciting places in Kentucky, see the things you can do in Cave City, KY.

Daniel Boone National Forest

9. Dining

Emzara’s Buffet is a wonderful restaurant to visit if you fancy tasting a bit of the local cuisine whilst you are in Williamstown, KY. Serving up soul food and pot roast (whilst still being vegetarian and vegan friendly – not an easy feat!) Emzara’s is loved by locals and tourists alike for its wonderful food and great value. As it is a buffet, you can totally customize your plate, and it is really conveniently located near the notorious Ark Encounter.

Kevin Harris, Founder, NANBF

Emzara’s Buffet

If you’re in Williamstown, Kentucky, then you need to fill up on some delicious barbecue while you’re there. Head to Belle’s Smokin’ BBQ for some great eats and great company. The brisket, in particular, is something out of this world, while the fried pickles have also shed their light on people’s taste buds. Not only is this place a great eatery, but it also offers some friendly service while you devour your bbq favorites! 

Brittany Mendez, Travel Expert and CMO, Florida Panhandle

10. Williamstown Winery

For a taste of local culture, be sure to visit the Williamstown Winery. The Winery offers tours, tastings, and special events throughout the year. Whatever your interests, Williamstown has something for everyone.

Oberon Copeland, Owner, Very Informed


Final Thoughts

Indeed, Williamstown has something to offer for visitors of all ages and all walks of life. It has the pleasant feel of a small town, yet there’s a surprising number of places you can visit and things you can do. With its rich history and variety of attractions, it’s no wonder that this quaint location is a great vacation spot for tourists and families.

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