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15 Best Things To Do in Lincoln, IL

The city of Lincoln, Illinois provides a range of exciting activities for visitors. Whether you’re looking to enjoy nature with its scenic parks or soak up the local culture with theatre and art, there’s something to suit everyone in this small town. 

From exploring one-of-a-kind trails and taking part in festivals to discovering antique shops and visiting historic sites, Lincoln offers endless entertainment options that are sure to make every visitor have an unforgettable time.

1. Check out the Lincoln Heritage Museum

The Lincoln Heritage Museum is a premier museum dedicated to the history and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. The museum offers an educational experience that examines the life and times of one of America’s greatest presidents from his birth in Kentucky to his assassination at Ford Theater. 

Visitors can explore interactive displays featuring artifacts such as clothing, documents, photographs, and even personal items once owned by Mr. President himself. 

Other highlights include Civil War reenactments that bring this period of American History alive right before your eyes. Through ongoing exhibitions and programs, the Museums preserves its mission: keeping alive the inspiration established by Abraham Lincoln’s life-long commitment to freedom for all Americans regardless of color or creed.

New Lincoln Heritage Museum

2. Visit the Railsplitter Covered Wagon

The Railsplitter Covered Wagon is a unique attraction that celebrates Abraham Lincoln’s legacy. 

Located on the grounds of Postville Courthouse State Historic Site, the full-size replica covered wagon was built to honor the 1831 trip taken by Abe and his father Thomas when they moved from Kentucky to Illinois. 

Visitors can take photos with this iconic symbol of America’s western expansion history as well as learn more about Abraham Lincoln’s journey through a variety of interpretive signs and activities located onsite. 

The site also provides visitors access to hiking trails, picnic areas, recreation activities including mini golf, and much more.

3. Unwind at Edward R. Madigan State Fish and Wildlife Area

The Edward R. Madigan State Fish and Wildlife Area in Lincoln, IL is an outdoor recreational area open to the public for activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, and wildlife watching.

Edward R Madigan State Fish And Wildlife Area

The 900-acre park includes over 10 miles of trails winding through forest terrain along with a large lake offering great fishing opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. 

Other amenities include a playground area as well as picnic pavilions ideal for relaxing days under the sun or beneath a starry night sky. 

Visitors can also witness abundant wildlife among the diverse landscapes found throughout this picturesque state park that serves to both protect its natural resources while providing leisurely enjoyment during any season of the year.

4. Check out the Lincoln Park District

The Lincoln Park District in Lincoln, IL is a community-based recreational facility that offers year-round activities for people of all ages. 

The park district provides a variety of outdoor leisure activities and programs such as swimming, picnicking, basketball courts, and nature trails. 

Check out the Lincoln Park District

Moreover, the park features an 18-hole golf course with beautiful landscaping designed by William Bultman – one of the most famous late 19th-century golf course designers in America. 

The district also has various playgrounds to keep young kids entertained and occupied; along with a skateboard park for youth to enjoy extreme sports recreation. 

Additionally, there are theatrical performances throughout the summer season at their state-of-the-art amphitheater situated right on Log Post Lake offering boating opportunities as well.

5. Experience Kickapoo Creek Park

Experience Kickapoo Creek Park is a 250-acre park located on the Sangamon River. It features 12 different trails for walking, running, and mountain biking, as well as two disc golf courses, picnic areas, and outdoor classrooms. 

The most popular activities at Kickapoo Creek Park are fishing from the dock or along its many miles of shoreline where anglers may catch crappie bass catfish sunfish and longnose gar. 

Experience Kickapoo Creek Park

There’s also an observation tower at the south end of the lake where birdwatchers can take in views across Lake Dubois to view geese, ducks, herons, mallards, cormorants, kingfishers, egrets, pelicans, swans, grouse, mourning doves, wild turkeys, American bald eagles, hawks, owls, pileated woodpeckers, and other birds of prey. 

Kickapoo Creek Park also has plenty of opportunities to explore nature trails, take in breathtaking views from the lagoons, marvel at wildflowers in springtime, and catch glimpses of deer or go for a leisurely canoe ride through the tranquil waters.

6. Visit the Postville Courthouse State Historic Site

The Postville Courthouse State Historic Site in is a preserved and restored stately courthouse building from the mid-1800s. Situated on an expansive lawn and surrounded by ancient trees, it stands as an iconic reminder of a bygone era. 

This historic site provides visitors with an insight into our county’s past while preserving its beauty for future generations to enjoy. 

With beautiful outdoor areas set up so children can explore further history, this courthouse location serves both locals interested in learning about their hometown’s heritage along with tourists seeking a great taste of American History.

Visit the Postville Courthouse State Historic Site

7. Visit the Mill Museum

The Mill Museum is a unique piece of history and culture located in the city’s old flour mill. It displays antique farming equipment, local artifacts, and documents about agriculture, as well as its fascinating 19th-century grist-mill operations. 

Visitors can experience interactive exhibits geared toward learning more about Lincoln’s past while enjoying hands-on activities related to agricultural production. Through historic photos displayed throughout the building visitors can learn more about how farmers grew crops on their own farms back when agricultural production was the primary industry in much of Illinois’ farming towns. 

The Mill Museum also hosts guided tours that explain its original function along with educational programs designed to showcase agriculture processes from harvesting through processing into food products like oatmeal or corn meal that are still enjoyed today.

8. Shop at Scully Park Farmers Market

Scully Park Farmers Market brings fresh, locally grown produce and artisanal goods to the table. Every Saturday morning, locals gather to get their hands on some of the freshest fruits, vegetables, meats, and specialty items around. 

You can also find handmade items made by local artisans including textiles like blankets and clothing as well as organic skincare products. 

Lincoln Grand Cinema

Not only is it a great spot for groceries but you’ll find live music from local bands weekly – making it an enjoyable shopping experience for everyone.

9. Watch a movie at Lincoln Grand 8 Theatre

Watching a movie at Lincoln Grand 8 Theatre is a great way to have some fun. The theatre offers plenty of features that make viewing movies enjoyable such as 3D projection, digital picture quality, surround sound audio, and comfortable stadium seating with extra legroom. 

Food and drinks are available for purchase before or during the movie which can add some flavor to your experience. The friendly staff is on hand to make sure you have an enjoyable time while you’re there too; they offer popcorn refills, handicap-accessible auditoriums with companion seating, and also run regular specials related to certain films or events – like half-price veteran tickets. 

10. Enjoy at Maple Club Dinner Theater

The Maple Club Dinner Theater in Lincoln, IL is an amazing experience. The dinner theater offers a night out with fine dining and excellent entertainment. 

Audiences can savor delicious entrees like mouthwatering steaks or prime rib while enjoying comedic plays, musicals, murder mysteries, and more performed by talented local actors on the stage. 

Logan Lanes

The cozy atmosphere of the rustic diner-style restaurant adds to its charm as guests get wrapped up in the drama both onstage and offstage. Additionally, special holiday-themed performances bring even more joy to this wonderful evening adventure. 

11. Spend time with your family at Logan Lanes

Logan Lanes in Lincoln, IL is a fun and inviting family destination. This bowling alley has 12 full-sized lanes equipped with automatic scoring, bumpers for the little ones, and plenty of seating to accommodate your entire crew. 

They also offer a variety of arcade games as well as pool tables that are sure to provide entertainment for both kids and adults alike. In addition to these attractions, they serve great food at their concession stand or sit-down restaurant where you can enjoy some pizza or other items on their menu while enjoying time together with your family. 

Logan Lanes is open 7 days a week from 11 AM until midnight so schedule anytime during those hours to have an awesome day spent making memories together.

12. Experience the Lincoln Watermelon Monument

The Lincoln Watermelon Monument, located in the city of Lincoln, IL commemorates the town’s former reputation as a watermelon producer and shipping center. Dating back to 1903, it is believed to be one of the world’s oldest watermelon monuments. 

Experience the Lincoln Watermelon Monument

The monument includes sculptures depicting farmers harvesting melons and an old wagon hitched up filled with melon crates ready for sale – all made out of concrete. 

It was installed by farmers who wanted a way to pay tribute and recognition for their collective efforts during what was considered Illinois’ finest era in producing sweet red-ripe ‘melons’. 

Throughout its history, it has been visited by many visitors wishing for luck or hoping that their day can be just as “sweet.”

13. Visit the Heritage In Flight Museum

The Heritage In Flight Museum in Lincoln, IL showcases the best of aviation and flight. Housed in an old World War II hanger, the museum boasts an impressive array of aircraft ranging from civilian planes to fighter jets. 

Visitors can gain insight into our military history through displays highlighting aviators’ feats throughout conflicts such as WWII and Vietnam. The museum also offers interactive exhibits including a mini-flight simulator [1] that allows visitors to get some hands-on experience with flying a plane. 

Visit the Heritage In Flight Museum

Tours are available for those who want more details about each craft as well as regular educational programs offered by knowledgeable experts on new topics every month. 

Moreover, special events like live music performances provide extra entertainment for guests at least once per season— making this venue, not just a great learning center but also a fun evening out.

14. Visit the First Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church of Lincoln, IL is located in the heart of downtown and has been serving the local community since its founding in 1870. 

Visit the First Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church respects people from every faith background who comes through its doors; it’s also home to several different cultural events such as annual concerts celebrating English heritage so foreigners are very much welcomed here.

15. Drive Fast at the Lincoln Speedway

The Lincoln Speedway in Lincoln features races in all classes of cars including NASCAR-sanctioned Super Late Models, UMP late models, and modifieds as well as hobby stocks and street stocks. 

There are usually several support divisions that run on different nights such as dwarf cars, vintage midgets, and sprints to create an action-packed atmosphere for drivers from all levels of racing experience. 

Lincoln Speedway

The track also boasts one of the few quarter-mile clay tracks left that can still hold regular weekly events with qualifying heats prior to main events allowing for fairly competitive speeds throughout the night.


Lincoln is truly an amazing city that has something for everyone. With such a wide variety of things to do available within the area, it’s no surprise why so many people flock here each year.

If you ever find yourself near central Illinois – pay a visit to the charming town of Lincoln; whether it be for some outdoor excursion or cultural exploration – you won’t regret being here!

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