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Things To Do in Wesley Chapel: Top Most Enjoyable Attractions For your Family

If you are looking for a great place to take a vacation, look no further than Wesley Chapel! This location is home to some of the most amazing tourist attractions in the state. Here, you can find everything from beautiful nature trails to exciting theme parks. With a wide range of options for anything from retail therapy to spa days to family outings to late-night eats and beverages, there’s something for everyone in this area. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the top things to do in Wesley Chapel and why tourists should go there for a visit. To help you plan your trip to Wesley Chapel, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest attractions in the area.

Go for a Walk at Wesley Chapel District Park

People in Wesley Chapel, which has a sizable and wealthy population, could expect to find several parks to relax in the fresh air and experience the outdoors.

Their suburbs are surrounded by lakes, ponds, tiny woods, and wide grounds inside their own private neighborhoods. As a result, it’s no surprise that the municipality only has a single park, and it was just constructed in 2008.

wesley chapel park

The Wesley Chapel District Park is a large facility with features and services appropriate for the town’s citizens’ lifestyles. Several well and well-maintained attractions may be found here, such as shady gazebos, lush lawns, high-quality play structures, and courts.

Street hockey courts are also available, something you won’t see in the typical public park in the U.S. For those looking to keep in shape, there are plenty of options for paths that are perfect for bicycling, running, and strolling.

Splash Around in Epperson Lagoon

Visits to Epperson Lagoon with loved ones are a must-do in Wesley Chapel. For many families, Epperson Lagoon is the centerpiece of their summer vacations, and it was completed in 2018.

This 7.5-acre water park is the first of its kind to have purified water and a crystalline blue hue, both of which are enhanced by the Florida sun.

Epperson Lagoon

If you’re looking for some fun in the water, Epperson Lagoon is the place to go.  In addition to a variety of kid-friendly inflatable slides and balloons, there are also grass and beach volleyball courts available for everyone’s enjoyment.

Epperson Lagoon has a food zone where visitors may enjoy a variety of delectable foods and beverages. Epperson Lagoon is a great place to unwind on sunny days with your family and enjoy some time on the water.

Mouse Trap Escape: Put Your Problem-Solving Skills to the Test

Mice Trap Escape is a great place for those who appreciate solving complex puzzles, finding clues, and solving mysteries.

They have themed rooms for families and groups of friends, and you may also choose from a variety of alternatives based on what you’re looking for.

mouse trap escape rooms

In order to break out of this confined chamber, you’ll need to work collaboratively, test your instincts, and use your problem-solving talents.

Exhilarating and nerve-wracking, the experience involves solving riddles, finding clues, and connecting the dots in an effort to escape out of the room. The most satisfying part of the day for many guests is opening the lock and becoming free. So, why not pay a visit and put yourself to the test?

Participate in an Annual Event at Shops at Wiregrass

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Wesley Chapel is to go shopping with your loved ones at Wiregrass. With a beautiful open-air arrangement, WireGrass has several restaurants, stores, and booths that cater to all tastes.

Wiregrass is an 850-square-foot store with kiosks selling everything from shoes to jewelry to clothing to cosmetics to home furnishings.

shops at wiregrass

These yearly events, such as the Symphony in Lights Holiday Extravaganza and the Artisan Street Market, bring the community together and encourage social interaction.

There are a wide variety of stores, restaurants, booths, and entertainment options available in this area. As a result, walking around the mall is usually a pleasant experience.

Try a Local Drink at Florida Avenue Brewing Co.

It’s a lot of pleasure to check out the top breweries in a new place and sample their local brews. Many people visit Florida Avenue Brewing Co. in Wesley Chapel because it is a family-friendly brewery that always delivers more than they anticipate.

A cozy taproom with sixteen draft lines and a lovely restaurant serving wine, craft cocktails, and beers are just some of the highlights of this establishment.

florida brewing co

You and your friends and family may enjoy the beverages while relaxing on the beach, enjoying beach games, golfing, or boating.

A variety of events are held at Florida Avenue Brewing Co, including neighborhood meetings, business parties, and weddings.

The quality and distinctive ingredients utilized in the manufacturing of Florida Avenue Brewing Co’s beverages show civilizations and unique agricultural products in every sip.

Participate in a Training Course at Saddlebrook Resort

Saddlebrook Resort is a top-rated resort, particularly for tennis players and golfers, that provides a venue for quality entertainment.

saddlebrook resort

The resort in Wesley Chapel is a 480-room, award-winning establishment that has acquired so much reputation throughout the years. Saddlebrook Resort provides programs for beginners and specialists alike, including camps for children and adults, Saddlebrook preparatory Schools, adult clinics, junior camps, and more.

They have highly skilled trainers and experts that provide the finest pro tennis and golf lessons. The Saddlebrook Resort is well-kept and immaculate, and it is surrounded by natural features that provide a lovely outlook.

Have a Meal at the McDonald’s

If you’re in Wesley Chapel, stopping by McDonald’s for a dinner is high on your list of must-do activities. Vegan, Vegetarian, and gluten-free alternatives are available at McDonald’s as well as traditional breakfast and lunch fare.

With a variety of options including spicy crispy chicken sandwiches and sausage burritos as well as bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddles as well as fruit and maple oatmeal, they have something for everyone.

mcdonald’s wesley chapel fl

Desserts and shakes including baked apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, vanilla shake, hot fudge sundae, and strawberry shake are also available at McDonald’s.

Lattes, coffee, tea, fresh juices, and smoothies are just a few of the tempting options on the menu, and there’s even something for the small ones. A visit to the fast-food chain McDonald’s is strongly advised; you won’t be disappointed.

The Shoppes at New Tampa: A Shopping Experience Like No Other

Here in Wesley Chapel, the Shoppes at New Tampa is one of the most sought-after shopping destinations.

This shopper’s dream features more than 188,000 square feet of retail space, eateries, and art galleries for everyone to enjoy. There is a Publix grocery in the area, and it’s loaded with everything you’ll need for your trip.

Shoppes at New Tampa

You may take an art lesson at Pinot’s Palette and experiment with different mediums while sipping on alcoholic beverages.

Many additional restaurants and entertainment venues may be found in the area. In addition, there is plenty of parking available right in the middle of the plaza, making it simple and convenient for you to stay.

If you wish to visit more fun spots and shopping destinations in Florida, check out Palm Coast and enjoy the many things you can do there as well.

Golf at Lexington Oaks Club

This golf course is perfect for golfers of all skill levels, from the most experienced to the most novice. More than a few of the town people like spending time here because of its well-kept grounds and tough but well-planned golf course layout. Ponds and fountains also serve as water hazards, and there are several additional attractions.

lexington golf club

This 18-hole course is sure to wow, and you may even want to come back for another round. In addition to the golf course, Omari’s Bar & Grill is also well-known for its food and drink.

The restaurant’s welcoming environment, extensive menu, and helpful staff make it a great place to eat. To take advantage of the delectable food and inviting setting, plan to arrive early or plan to stay late.

AdventHealth Center Ice: A Great Place to Practice Your Skating

Wesley Chapel’s ice skating rink is a great place to spend quality time with loved ones. Due to AdventHealth Center Ice’s prominence as the region’s premier ice venue, the facility is a favorite with both residents and visitors alike.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, AdventHealth Center Ice has something for everyone. There are also programs for adults and children of all ages to learn how to skate and play ice sports like hockey and ice hockey.

adventhealth club ice

Hospital of the Adventists Ice skating surfaces is well-maintained since modern technology has allowed for the preservation of an extra layer of ice.

All skill levels are welcome at the ice rink, where courses and programs are available to help you progress in all of the games.

Take a Birdwatching Tour at the Exotic Bird Sanctuary in Florida

Exotic bird enthusiasts should not miss Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary on their next trip to the state. Rehabilitation of birds is the primary focus of this institution, which is run by people who are passionate about the avian species.

These birds are, as their name indicates, “exotic.” It is unlikely that you will discover them in Florida’s marshes or woodlands since they are usually rescued from the illicit pet trade.

exotic bird sanctuary

Visitors may see more than 800 different types of birds at any one moment in the aviary. You’re more than welcome to observe these birds and engage in a limited number of encounters.

Comparing this zoo to others in the nation, you’d be astonished at how content and well-cared-for the animals are.

There is no way to adopt any of these birds since the sanctuary’s goal is to repatriate or move them to natural environments where they will be happy and free again.

Visit Wesley Chapel’s Grove Theater to See a Movie

In addition to the Grove Theater in Wesley Chapel, Florida’s humid climate may be alleviated by visiting the Grove Theater.

Once known as the Cobb Theater, it has been transformed into the movie theater of the future by new owners.

grove theater

As a result, the architects and contractors for the new, elevated facility spared no money. There are a total of twelve cinemas in the complex, half of which provide food options or exercise sessions in addition to showings.

Some of the other theaters provide moviegoers who want a more traditional experience with comfy seats, perfect acoustics, and excellent viewing angles. Watching the newest blockbusters is always a blast, regardless of which choice you choose.

Take a Look at the Cypress Creek Flood Detention Area

There are many things to do in Wesley Chapel that showcase the natural beauty of the area. Cypress Creek Flood Detention Area is one of them.

Natural areas, such as the Cypress Creek Flood Detention Area, may be found on the northwestern edge of Wesley Chapel. Undeveloped land with great routes for hiking, bicycling, and inline skating makes this a popular family vacation spot.

cypress greek flood

With a wide variety of bird species, such as woodpeckers, wrens, and herons, the Cypress Creek Flood Detention Area is an excellent location for birdwatchers of all levels.

At the campsite, there are designated camping spaces with plenty of picnic tables and cooking options. To make use of them, you only need a free reservation.

There are no facilities at Cypress Creek Flood Detention, but the beautiful scenery and fishing make it a great place for a picnic.

Hillsborough River State Park is a Great Place to see Gators

You may find the Hillsborough River State Park on the northeastern edge of Wesley Chapel. The park’s wide collection of animals, plants, and attractions draw many visitors from Tampa and the surrounding region.

Trails weave through the park, taking you to enormous ponds, bridges, wooded areas, and marshes that are characteristic of the state. You may explore more than seven kilometers.

hillsborough river state park

Canoeists and kayakers will enjoy the park’s rivers and streams, which are particularly good for seeing the area’s resident alligator population.

You’ll have lots of chances to observe and photograph these gorgeous creatures while you’re in Florida. But keep in mind that their bites might place you in a very perilous scenario if you go too close.


You shouldn’t be frightened by the wealthy people of Wesley Chapel; they’re open and kind to anyone who takes the time to learn about their neighborhood.

Ice skating and movie theater eating are just two examples of things to do that you won’t find in other parts of the area. Check out this list of must-see places while you’re organizing your travel schedule.

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